African Violets – Help Please

I love African Violets.  They are my very favorite indoor plant.  I have about 15 in my dinning room.  I have different colors and different leaves.  Many I pick up on the clearance rack at Wal-mart and coax them back to health.

Here are a couple of my African Violets…

The blooming purple one is one I saved from Wal-Mart.  It still has a couple damaged leaves but it’s looking great compared to when I purchased it.  It fact, I didn’t even know what color the blossoms would be when I got it.

My question and what I need help with is the one with the pink blooms.  When I got the plant over a year ago.  It was off the clearance rack.  The outside leaves where a “sick” light green like they are now with the inside leaves looking healthy.  To me, it just looked like the lighting for the plant was wrong.  I planned to resurrect it.  I got it home and treated it like every other African Violet re-potting it with African Violet potting soil, fertilizing it, and putting it into a self watering pot.

Even though I know African Violets don’t appreciate a south window, it’s all I really have so I put it there along with my other Violets.  After a month, the leaves didn’t get vibrant.  I pulled off a bunch of the lower leaves.  Then I moved the plant away from the window….the leaves still didn’t get vibrant looking.  I pulled off a bunch more of the outside dull leaves.  This pattern has continued.  The leaves don’t “die”…they just aren’t vibrant.

It’s been a year ago now and I still can’t get the plant to have nicely colored leaves throughout.  I am starting to think that this is just the nature of this particular plant.  All of my other African Violets look fine.  They get the same amount of water, same fertilizer and the same amount of sun….

So my question dear readers is….do you have any suggestions?  Could this plant just be colored this way?

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  1. Yes, it sure can. I used to work in a floral department, and there were batches that would come in that way, and nothing could be done to green them up. I did a lot of reading, back then, and it turned out that some varieties can have paler leaves than others. They are darker as young leaves, and lighten over time. Looks like what you have there. Just my thoughts. Good luck!

  2. It looks happy – blooming, new leaves, etc. Probably is fine.
    I just repotted an Affie – there were two stems in one pot – both rather leggy. I used the Af V soil, planted them deeper, watered, — one is doing well, and one died. I don’t know why…

  3. I seem to recall that my grandma’s pink violets looked like that, too. They bloomed prolifically but those outer leaves seemed to have a different color than the center leaves.

  4. I wish I could help. The only thing I know about violets is that you don’t water them from the top, you water them from the tray. I do there is food you can get, a liquid and you give them so many drops. Needless to say I don’t keep plants in the house… I don’t want them used as a litter box.

    Hope you figure it out!

  5. I think it is variety, also notice the leaves droop more than the others. Our Grandma Bell raised & sold them when i was a little girl. She only had a south window, in the summertime she would pin sheets of tissue paper to the sheer curtains to block the strong summer sunlight. Sun through glass will burn the leaves and bleach them out. Yours look very healthy.

  6. Every Summer i ‘treat” my African Violets to a camp on the porch! For yrs the were getting shaded sunlight in the morning and house shade in the afternoon as the house mostly faces west. They always perk up and bloom. I love to purchase clearnace AV’s too! bringing them back to life. LAst summer we lost 1/2 our tree and more than 1/2 our AM shade. However they are doing well at “Summer Camp”

  7. Your pink one looks just like Dave’s mom’s did. Loretta was a violet lover and had several all over her house. Loretta gave me several plants over time but I had no luck getting them to grow. I always had to take them back to her to nurse back to health.

  8. I have one that looks just like yours, have had it for years and the outer leaves have always been paler. I think it’s just that variety. Still very pretty :)

  9. Wish I could be of help!! My grandma had a shelf in her living room that faced east and she had sooo many violets it was ridiculous. My mom also has many of them. I always remember when we were growing up, “be careful of the violets, watch out so you don’t bump the violets, blah, blah, blah!” Ugh! While they are pretty, I hate the darn things! My solution would be to toss them in the garbage!! (sorry I had to vent!) Good luck whatever you decide!

  10. I have two that match yours and they are both pink too. I think that is the way Mother Nature intended them to be. And FYI, a friend a long time ago told me to water them once a month with egg water… leave egg shells in a cup of water until you can’t stand the smell, strain it and give your violets some… they love it and reward you with many blossoms. And I always water mine from the top, just don’t get any on the leaves.

  11. Limit the direct sun, but expect the more mature leaves on this plant to be paler. Try placing some of the mature leaves as a cutting starter in a different pot, don’t just toss healthy leaves. Once you have small plants started, pot them up. Wait a few months, then pass on to a friend.

  12. Reading back issues of AVSA mags and sticky noting interesting bits. “Re-potting a couple times a year will prevent a world of ailments” (or something like that ;) ALSO one advice column says blossoms only appear on 3 or 4 rings of the newest leaves and the older ones can be removed and plant potted down (during those re-pottings!) For what it’s worth…I’ve killed as many as I’ve grown well. I’m starting over…one more time ;)

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