African Violets

I love African Violets.  I always have.  I always will.

They are by far my favorite kind of houseplant…always has been…always will be.

At the farm house I had lots of them.  I had a great window for them.  It was easy to grow them.  Here, at the house, with the childcare kiddos, I’d kind of given up on them.

Then Hubby helped me rig up a grow light in the basement….then daughter Kayla told me they had really cool- (I mean really-really cool)- plants for sale on Ebay.  Really??  Ebay.  Yes.  And then it started….the plot.  The plot to get a few really cool African Violets.

I had looked several times but was very apprehensive.  How would the plants be safe?  How could they ship them?  Then Kayla said “Oh let’s give it a try.”  I was still apprehensive.  Then I started looking more seriously.

Then I got a little more nervous.  The ones I REALLY liked were from Romania.  No.  I wasn’t buying plants off Ebay from Romania….and then while I was on quarantine with plenty of time to be on the computer and a little bit of boredom sneaking in I just bid and the next thing I knew, I had plants coming my way from Romania.

I’m not one to hide things like this from Hubby…but I was sure I had just wasted money as the plants would likely come and be a disaster…I didn’t want him to say I was foolish-not that he’d mind even if it didn’t work out…but still I didn’t want anyone to be a witness to my foolishness at buying plants from Romania.  –On a side note:  Shipping from Romania was only $12!!

Anyway…the package came.


I wasn’t any less leery as I walked from the mailbox to the house.
I opened the package.  Inside was a box.

We had a couple near freezes in our area lately so I wondered what I’d find.

Inside the box…this.


I was starting to feel a little hopeful or at least I tried to be.  I was still nervous.

No need to be though.  The plants look awesome.  There are three little plants there.

I had tried to pick out some fun ones…Little like this they don’t look like much yet.

Here’s what they are suppose to someday look like.

Sorry about the small pictures.




I am super excited about them all.  I love the variegated leaves and the white outlined flowers.   I am so excited.

Right now the plants don’t look quite as variegated but that will all come with maturity.  I’ll keep you posted.

I’m a little afraid that with the success of this shipment that I might have awakened a monster in me.  I remember as a kid in high school even then I collected African Violets.  I am hoping that “adulthood” will keep me from going overboard because back then, I went overboard.  I had babies started and plants in all of the upstairs bedrooms of my parents home….oh dear.  The main floor here is mostly out.  The childcare kids will get the plants…but grow lights..and sewing room windows…Hmmm.  I guess there are worse things I could do than collect African Violets…right??

12 thoughts on “African Violets”

  1. Jo ~ Your African Violets are truly lovely and it’s a “good thing” collecting African Violet plants! Enjoy!

  2. My sister-in-law’s mother loved African violets; they were the favor at her bridal shower (SIL, that is!). When my family was in Amsterdam for a couple days, we bought several bunches of tulip bulbs, all very fancy, colored and frilled. Every one came up purple! Not saying that your pretty violets will all be plain, but that’s what came to mind. I do hope this is the continuation of a lifelong love affair for you.

  3. My mom always had very pretty African violets. I now have some of hers. She would be proud of me that I have kept them alive. If you would like a leaf or two for a start of one of my violets let me know and I will see what I can do. Mine plants are a white one and a purple one. Yours are going to be beautiful with the variegated leaves.

  4. How fun, I look forward to seeing there progress. My sister loved African Violets and there are so many varieties.

  5. Violets are the only plants I can grow! I enjoy them. They survived our move last year. The only problem I have with them is our dog will eat them so I’m replacing them on a regular basis!! I’ll have to check eBay out the next time!

  6. Hi Jo

    I love violets too but only have a few. Years ago on a Martha Stewart show she had a segment on violets with a man from Lyndon They have hundreds to pick from and you can buy plants or leaves. You might want to check them out.

  7. i have one with dark and light flowers in a red violet combination sitting in the windowsill behind my computer right now. They seem to love this east window. i’m trying to be better at growing them, so any tips you can share would be wonderful! I hope your Romanian plants bring you joy!

  8. So pretty–please tell us where you ordered them from…..I have tons and tons of plants–both in and out….in my house, there is always room for another…I feel they just go with fabric…..

  9. Colleen C. Yarnell

    My grandma always raised violets! I remember she gave me my first one at 10. I havent had one for many years now. Ill have to did out my violet parts and think about them.

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