African Violet Update

I got an email from a sweet blog reader named Ginny.  She wrote that she had went on The Violet Barn’s website and ordered two violets for me.  WHAT?  I’m so flattered that someone would think of me in this way.  That is so sweet.

Later she sent me a shipping notice so I knew to expect them.  Last week the week the box came.

I was so excited, I immediately opened the package.  I was a little scared as the weather here has been really cool.  The day they came we were in a frost advisory for the overnight.

No fears.  These were packaged masterfully.  Check out the insulation around the plants.

Inside was this guy…

All wrapped and snuggled in there.

There was plastic around the dirt so that dirt wouldn’t fly all over in transport.

The second one was like this…

It’s even blooming!!!  WOW.  Isn’t the variegated blossom precious?  I love the purple flexs.

I put them both in a bowl for now.  I’m going to let them be like this for about a week and will then transfer them into self watering pots.

I use pots similar to THESE.  They are miniature though.  The water goes in the bottom and the plant virtually waters itself through the wicking.

People always ask how I can grow such nice plants.  This style of pot is high on my list of recommendations.

I have gotten MANY requests from people who want to swap leaves of African Violet plants.  The list is way longer than five.  More like 20.  I’m hoping I will transplant my plants sometime in June.  I will send off leaves starting at the top of the list.

Feel free to leave a comment on this post if you are interested in exchanging leaves with one of my readers.  It would be fun to have a leaf exchange that way too!

By the way, I looked up the names of the plants that Ginny sent so I could see what they looked like…Here is Rob’s Boolaroo.

Rob's Boolaroo - The Violet Barn - African Violets and More
This is a trailing African Violet.  I’ve never had one so I looked up more information about it.  Here’s what it said:  “Trailers are African violets that naturally branch and spread.  Grow them either as hanging baskets or in shallow pots as ground covers.  Feel free to pinch or prune, it will only encourage even more dense, lush, growth.  Their size and shape when mature, is entirely up to you.  Because they are multi-crowned and spreading, they have the potential for producing large amounts of foliage and massive amounts of bloom on a single plant.”

The other is labeled RS Acroplois. It says it is a Russian Standard.

RS Acropolis - New! - The Violet Barn - African Violets and More
This picture is all that showed up so I guess I’ll just learn more about it as it grows.

I’m so excited to have these new plants to work with.  THANKS so much Ginny and thanks to the many who wrote that they were interested in swapping leaves.

14 thoughts on “African Violet Update”

  1. I was thrilled to do something special just for you because you do for so many. I get so much encouragement from reading your blog as someone that just started quilting last year.

  2. What a very sweet gesture from Ginny! The plants are so beautiful and will be fun seeing them grow and blossom under your care.

  3. Ginny- What a sweet, generous thing to do, buying your friend African Violets! Two beautiful, unique ones at that! How thoughtful!
    I noticed they were wrapped in Chinese newspapers. Did they come all the way from China? Pretty good wrapping! Interesting that the packers used real, ordinary insulation!

    Jo- You have certainly been been blessed! : ) Thanks for every thing!

  4. Interesting to see that The Violet Barn is in Naples NY…not too far from where I live. Lovely surprises in the mail are so much fun!

  5. Very beautiful plants. And what a sweet present. I used to visit an elderly lady when I was a child. She grew African Violets. All kinds but I never saw a trailing one before. They look wonderful.You must have quite a green thumb. You are Blessed

  6. P.S. I looked up their website and they have lots of wonderful information on it. They aren’t too far from me either in NY. Sound like Wonderful people with a passion for plants.

  7. Your plants are beautiful! I have killed more African violets than I care to admit, including a huge years-old one I inherited. I gave my boss one from Violet Barn one year for Christmas and she ended up with her windowsill covered with new starts and my ‘rehabs’. I was ‘pea green with envy’ but I finally gave my last few struggling ones to her. They’re much happier. I can’t wait to see pictures of yours as they grow.

  8. What a thoughtful gesture. It’s really a win for me also as I live fairly close to Naples in the Finger Lakes area and never knew that was there. I think there’s a quilt shop in that town also so now I really need to go there.

  9. Linda Borlaug

    That’s a wonderful gift to receive. I purchase my violets from the Violet Barn and their careful shipping gives me piece of mind every time I place my order. They have a great selection of trailing violets which are my favorite.
    I love the watering container, where did you find it? It’s perfect for the mini plants.

    1. That second violet looks like the mini Rob’s Dust Storm. Definitely not an Acropolis. Dust Storm is my all time fave!

  10. What a lovely surprise!!! I’ve never heard of a trailing African Violet!! Now I want to see one in person!
    I don’t have the best luck with African Violets –though I keep trying. Such beautiful flowers -on your gifts. Will be watching for the progress!!

  11. I would love it if we could trade African Violet leaves. Mine come from a very old (approx 85 years old) AV which I darned near killed via root rot. I have repotted and I am sure it will be fine. I will be sending out leaves in a week or so. Contact me at

  12. What beautiful additions to your African Violet collection! I am grateful you shared where they came from. What a sweet gift from Ginny! I had two epically beautiful violets. One I gave to a dear friend, shortly after, my son knocked my last one off a tall ledge and broke it. I had had them for about 15 years and was devastated. I’ll have to order from the place you mentioned! Enjoy your new plants!

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