African Violet Day

You might remember that I purchased some African Violets from the Ukraine.  I had been really nervous about them wondering how they would do.  I am happy to say they are doing wonderfully.

I had ordered these three and they all have been blooming and showing off their pretty blooms.  The plants had all grown little “sucker” plants along the sides.  The suckers prevent the plant from getting really big and beautiful.  The fun thing is that those suckers can be removed, planted, and will turn into an African Violet plant.


My mission was to remove the suckers and see if I could get some of them to grow.  I took one off each of the plants and potted them up for my daughter Kayla.  She love plants….


I got all the ones in the little pots too.


Oh..and then when I was getting the suckers off some of the leaves came off and I can’t let them go to waste so I trimmed the stem off about a half inch from the base of the leaf and planted them…see??

I know, I know….you’re wondering what I am going to do with all of these plants.  Answer, GIVE THEM AWAY!!!

All of these leaves could easily start another plant or two or six…but some leaves will die and won’t produce any.  It take about two to three month for the leaves to really propagate plants.

I am excited that I found these little planters on Amazon, Miniature Self Watering Planter System – 18 Sets  They are perfect for new little babies.

My next step, see if Hubby will carry these all down to the basement and get the timer and grow light set up.  I sure wish up and down the steps was easier for me so I could do it myself.  I hate asking.  Thankfully he’s been super so far….only until Friday if all goes well and then the cast comes off!!

In the meantime I sure am glad I was able to get these plants through the plant hospital and more will soon be growing and blooming.

7 thoughts on “African Violet Day”

  1. Dear Jo …what a great post….I love your blog and watch for a new post every day….I hope everything goes well with your cast…..keep your sunny side up …Janet a fan and blog reader from Ontario, Canada

  2. Oh I love African Violets. I am a very good grower of them but I don’t have free horizontal space these days. One of my girl friends wanted to propagate them so we cut off leaves and dipped them in a rooting powder then into a glass with aluminum foil over it and a hole poked for the leaf stem it was fun watching for the roots to start.

    I do have a nice window sil that could be used hmmm maybe I’ll buy a small plant and see if they still grow well for me.

    I am starting some Belladonna seeds these take a few years from seed but they are so lovely
    I do have 2 avacodo trees grown from seeds one has been fruiting the past couple of years now it did take a long time for the first one to fruit the second one is (?) 5-10 years younger and gets less water in our drought so we will see
    I have moved a few other avacodo outside that’s how I have a window sill free. Avacodo trees are quite large and their leaves are slow to compost very similar to magnolia leaves

  3. I love African violets! I’m glad the ones you ordered are growing so well. I plant only 1 leaf per pot and it takes the whole area at the end of the counter. Thanks for the space saving “several leaves in one pot” idea!

  4. Betty (from Canada)

    Have you decided what you are going to do with the birthday blocks you got? Hope all your African violets start for you and your foot gets a good report.

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