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Yesterday I showed you my finished Roll Roll Cotton Ball quilt….in the post I said I forgot to take pictures of the border. That was true but I think the reason I didn’t make a big effort to remember is because it’s the part of the quilt I wish I could improve on.   See….


The coloring good…Bonnie’s design is amazing…it’s my sewing that needs the help.  If you look, the points of the outside pink squares gets lost in the binding.  I consciously tried to make a narrower seam when I attached the binding, but still, I lost the points of the squares.

Here’s a closer picture.


Does anyone have some advice for this?  I know it’s not horrid, but I wish it were just a bit better.

As long as I was snapping pictures, I took on of the backing too.


It was a nice piece to get out of my stash.

If you know or have a method that helps keep those points of the squares in place, PLEASE leave a comment.  I am a quilter who likes to learn from my mistakes.

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21 thoughts on “Advice Please…”

  1. Could it be your binding method? Are you pinning your binding when you attach it? The quarter inch seam is very important here to and binding does tend to slip a bit if it isn’t secure. Maybe a review of some binding tutorials would help you. The quilt is beautiful!

  2. I think about the only way to avoid that would have been to put another green stripe on the outside like the one on the inside?

    Unless your piecing is EXTREMELY precise, I think you’re going to run into that type of a problem.

    I’m with you, though. It would have bothered me to have those points cut off, too, lol. Like you, I try to learn from each “mistake” I make. The “perfection” doesn’t keep me from doing things or keep me from loving the quilt any less, but it drives me to do things better in the future.

    Have a great week end! Are you expecting storms in your part of the country?

  3. Jo, your quilt is so beautiful that I didn’t even notice the border issue until you pointed it out! When sewing pieces with points, I usually sew with the backs of the points facing up. But you can’t do that when adding the border! In the future, I too would add another border on the outside of the points. Gorgeous quilt as usual!

  4. I agree with Tamera. If I really don’t want my points cut off, I add another border. My bindings are stitched at 3/8″ so points get cut off — not to mention that my points probably didn’t line up perfectly at 1/4″ anyway.

  5. If you sew the binding on the back first, then finish on the top, your visibility would have been better. That said, I prefer to sew to the front first. Not sure if that helps!

  6. if you oversize your setting triangles and trim them after you put the binding on – sewing that from point to point of the squares – checking the front before you trim the setting edge – you may be more happy with your result.

  7. I think that sewing another small border would work if you sewed with the points on top. That way you could make sure they were not cut off. This is a beautiful quilt as it is. Congratulations on finishing it.

  8. In this case you couldn’t prepare for it ahead of time since it was a mystery quilt, but when I have advance knowledge, I will make that last triangle oversize by about 1/4 inch. That gives me a loittle fudge factor, just in case. It’s not easy to be so precise on that large quilt. My next suggestion has been said, adding another narrow border. It’s StILL gorgeous – no complaining! 8-))) Non-quilters won’t notice and Quilters understand! 8-))

  9. I try to leave extra batting on the edges and fudge the seam allowance a little when I attach my binding. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Yours looks great :) I just try to keep in mind when I have a quilt like that points may get cut off…….but it’s frustrating!!

  10. My quilt looks exactly like yours. Been debating whether to take the binding off and correct it, but have decided I’ve learned by my mistake and I’m moving on. I think the suggestion to add another narrow border is a great one and that’s what I would have done. I even quilted mine using the same loopy pattern so I have to say I love your quilt. :-)

  11. There are a couple of ways to avoid chopping off your points without adding an extra border. Option A is to make those outside triangles larger, to float your points as already mentioned. Option B as mentioned already is to leave a bit of batting/backing. I have a twist to this though. I actually put my binding on the back of the quilt and turn it to the front. I then topstitch the binding using an open toe applique foot and a straight stitch. ( After you stitch your binding on the back, press it out with an iron, it makes turning it so much easier…..) It’s a lovely quilt though, you did a wonderful job. Helen

  12. Jo, you should be so proud of just finishing this quilt, considering the obstacles that you had (hello, paper string piecing?!). I really wanted to follow along with Bonnie but I’ve just got too many projects going. I agree with Elaine – I cut the outer edge setting triangles a bit larger than the pattern calls for. Then you can trim down the too-big seam allowance with your ruler and rotary cutter when the top has been completely pieced. Lynette Jensen demonstrates how to do this in several of the Thimbleberries books, like Guide for Weekend Quilters.

  13. Lovely quilt. Lovely binding. I wouldn’t worry about the points. As I was told many years ago, if you can’t see it from a galloping horse while waving it in the breeze, it’s perfect! Some of mine are gone too, but done is much better than perfect. It’s a utility quilt, not a show quilt, no one else around here will notice.

  14. Maybe I just don’t understand but I would think if the binding was sewn on with a precise 1/4″ nothing would be chopped off. It wouldn’t matter if you added another border or not since the same seam allowance would have been taken. It looks me like you just took too big of a seam.
    I read where others suggested larger outer triangles. That would work in other situations but probably not with Bonnies mysteries since we don’t know what we will be using the triangles for until the time to sew.
    It still is a great looking quilt, be happy!

  15. I think I can help – did you sew the binding on the back and wrap to the front? If you reverse the process, this should keep your points just right.
    -Cut your binding 2 1/2″ – fold, press, etc.
    -After quilting, trim the quilt 3/8″ from points (about 1/8″ of the batting won’t be covered by the top – that’s OK). You may have to tug gently to keep the points even.
    -Measure the standard foot that comes with your machine. Mine is just under 3/8…who knows what it is in mm…and who cares!
    -Using the standard foot (or whatever foot that measures approximately 3/8 from the needle to the edge) stitch your binding on the *top* with the cut edges even. Peek after about 6″ – it should look perfect.
    -Wrap the binding to the back. Sharon Schamber glues hers – google her YouTube video.
    Sew – I like to hand stitch…but there’s nothing wrong with machine stitching :-)
    HTH – and your quilt is beautiful!

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