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If you’ve been reading the blog you know that I am working on Bonnie Hunter’s Garden Party quilt.  It was featured in a Quiltmaker magazine.    I loved the quilt the second I saw it..but wanted to make it mine…so I got rid of the boarder and made MANY-MANY-MANY more blocks.

I almost have it together…just one more seam.  I can’t remember how big it is now…I measured once then put the tape measure away and frankly I’m feeling too lazy to go back to the garage to get the tape measure to measure again.  I know it’s close to 92″ x 92″…it’s growing into a monster!


My debate now is … Do I just straighten the edges of it and be done?  Do I just add a thin 2″ border around the outside of red?  I don’t think there is a wrong option but hoping one might just be a little better than the other.


I was hoping to stick with this quilt and not set it aside again but I am stopping everything soon and finishing a quilt I have started for my niece’s wedding at the end of the month.

I do know one thing for sure…This quilt is mine and will be staying at my house.  I just can’t give a quilt that has a bizzillion 5″ blocks in it away…

Chime in with some advice on a little narrow border or not…please?!

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  1. First, I just want to say that your quilt is GORGEOUS! Your color choices really just make this quilt so unique. I would definitely keep it on my bed. Second, I love the edge the way it is. I think it is really different. Cannot wait to see what you decide.

  2. I love the quilt! it looks great at it is, and it’s finished! the only reason I’d consider adding a “border” is to stabilize all those bias edges. or: just quilt it as it is, and then square it up whne you’re done, and then bind it. in red, of course! can’t wait to see it all done!

  3. I love how it looks now but I would put on a bunch of white trickles to streightened the edge and show off the last row of squares.

  4. I like my queen size quilt to be at least 98 or 99 in. square so I would opt for the red border to make it that size. (I really hate fighting my husband for the covers so I’d like a large queen size quilt.)

  5. I love Bonnie Hunter and have learned so much from her. No border. Straighten edges and bind with the same reds. Very pretty.

  6. Awesome to see this project to this point! It’s an incredible quilt! When I look at the picture, I see that you will lose half of the red that you can see on the edge right now. If you fold those under, do you see enough red to satisfy your eye? Maybe you could compare that with laying a thin red strip next to it and compare the two.

  7. I love the squares as the outside frame after all the squares are a big part of the design…… so if it can be finished without the squares being covered or chopped into leave it……… if not a narrow white border to give the space needed to apply binding etc. Hope this makes sense.

  8. My question is this – Does the pattern call for keeping the points at the end, or are you supposed to trim off the points and have an even end? If you are going to trim off the points, then I might add a small red border and then a red binding, just so the binding doesn’t cover the end of the blocks and de-emphasize the beauty of the blocks.

  9. If it were my quilt, I’d trim off the red triangles and then add a narrow red border, not because the quilt needs a red border but because it is easier for me not to cut off points that way. Without the narrow border, I think it would be easy to cut off a lot of points unless your binding is perfect.

  10. If you do not add a border, there’s a very strong possibility that you’ll end up with a wavy quilt because of all the bias. I’d a very thin (1″ or even 1/2″ finish) red border and use a red binding. It’s beautiful.

  11. I think that you’re right and there is no wrong answer but I personally love the idea of no border at all . . . this quilt is stunning! You are right to not let it go!

  12. I say no border, but if your going to keep it for yourself maybe leave the edges the way they are. Yes, it would be A TON of extra work but it would look amazing with the zig zag edges.

  13. Dorothy Countryman

    Love your color selection, the pop of orange and turquoise really makes it a bright and happy quilt. I wouldn’t let it leave my house either. I think a thin red border with the same fabric used for the binding. Can’t wait to see what you decide and the finished quilt!

  14. Please add the red border. I think it will finalize the quilt and give your eyes a stopping point. The quilt is beautiful and I like it without another large border but I think needs a bit more red. Now I’ll have to find my magazine so I can make the blocks. Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. The quilt will be lovely with or without a border. Since you have already said that you prefer big quilts, why not add a border (red would be nice, although the is probably another colour that would work, too).

  16. If this beauty was being created in my house, I would trim the edge so it is straight and do a 1″ strip of the same red fabric to the edge. It would create the look of prairie points around the quilt and it would keep all those seams on the edge of the quilt from coming apart on the quilting frame.

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