Advice Please??

I have all the Delectable Mountain blocks together for my Country Threads “Troops in Formation” quilt.  I don’t have the outside border triangles together yet but I am far enough along that I want to pick the setting triangle fabric.  What do you think?

I am bound and determined to use something that is here and not purchase new fabric so these are the choices.  Kalissa and I are leaning towards the blue floral on the right.  It will be more of a statement quilt with that border but I am thinking that’s okay.

Here is Connie’s original version.

Troops in Formation Quilt Pattern
Mine is much more scrappy and unplanned.   Part of me likes that black on the left side too.  Opinions please??  I am  horrid at making decisions.  I should have probably picked the setting triangle fabric first…oh well.

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  1. Hi Jo. Loving your delectable mountains. I really like the brown/ruby red fabric on the bottom right. I think it would give your quilt a warm glow. Whatever you choose I’m sure it will be gorgeous!

  2. This is going to be a great quilt! Good job! The brown/ruby red fabric on the bottom right would be my choice with the blue floral on the far right side being a border fabric. From the photo it appears that the two fabrics match enough but only you can tell if that is accurate or not. I’m looking forward to what you do choose!

  3. I’m liking the burgundy/red or perhaps that blue floral. Maybe the floral, with the red for the binding? This is such a pretty little piece!

  4. I think the floral print on the right is great for the setting triangles. I don’t know why (since I usually do not like florals at all) but I like this fabric best.

  5. I like the top left hand fabric for setting tri’s, then the reddy fabric at the bottom as a sashing….then a border with the floral fabric……my 2 cents worth from New Zealand!
    P.S….it looks great.

  6. I am the odd man out I like the lighter green on the left hand side…..second would be the rust color. I love your blocks can’t wait to see it finished

  7. I agree with Tisha. I like the light green that reads solid with the red that looks solid as the second choice. But…. your choice as you get to look at it! Select the fabric that you like best. My reasoning is the solid makes the scrappyness of the quilt pop. Good luck and it is a really pretty quilt Jo.

  8. My first choice is the dark red, followed by the green. I think they enhance the scrappieness without “fighting” with it. I’d use the blue floral for an outer border.

  9. I like the blue floral too. It makes the other blues pop and the floral brings out the reds. Good luck with your decision.

  10. Ok-I see why this is difficult-I changed my mind three times already! I like the black on the left as well-it won’t “overtake” the blocks.

  11. Nancy Lindstrom

    I like the maroon, too–especially if you are doing the border triangles. I love the floral, but think it would be too ‘busy’ with the border triangles.

  12. Wow so many opinions. I personally think the blackish on the top left gives the quilt blocks punch. It makes them stand out, whereas the floral just sort of fades in and the red is going to end up being your feature fabric. So many choices :-)

  13. I enjoyed reading everyone’s opinions. From the comments here, it looks like you can’t go wrong with any of these choices! I agree with Leeanne’s idea: top left black fabric for setting triangles, then the reddy fabric at the bottom as a sashing….then a border with the floral fabric.

  14. Barbara Honey

    I think the blue floral draws the eye to the flowers instead of the blocks. I would go with the green to make the blocks “pop” instead of fade.

  15. Cindy Kuipers

    The first fabric I noticed when I looked at the picture was the blue floral! Not crazy about the brown print on the bottom, but I am not a brown person. I think any of them would look nice. Looking forward to seeing the finished picture.

  16. First choice for me would be the green on the left side. Then I guess the one above the green. I like the blue floral, but for some reason I don’t love it for this one. But, since it isn’t mine… :)

  17. All the work on your blocks gets lost on the floral…it would make a great border but for setting triangles go with the red or black

  18. Love the blue floral but think it would draw the eye away from the blocks. Love the burgundy/rust color for the triangles then the floral for a border.

  19. I like the red or the black. I think a less busy fabric would be better with that outside triangle border.

  20. Just so you know, I am the queen of indecision when it comes to this. I like the rust or the green, but I think the black will make your pretty blocks pop. How’s that for making a choice?

  21. Laurel from NW Iowa

    Either the black or the moss green because then your spectacular blocks draw the attention and not a busy outer fabric. But seeing so many of your finished quilts, whatever you choose will look awesome. Your flower garden is beautiful and I see lots of canning in your future! No rain predicted in NW Iowa fo the foreseeable future.

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