Advice Please?

I got the center of my quilt for the firemen’s benefit finished….a little word of advice…DON”T PLAN A CHECKER BOARD SASHING ON A QUILT WITH A DEADLINE!!!  The sashing took forever!


Right now I am starting the debate…borders?  or no borders?  The quilt is 86 x 86 right now.  It really doesn’t need to be bigger.  Plus, I could avoid backing issues if I say at this size.

I have two possible fabric and could work for a border if I choose….What do you think?


At this point, I am not trusting myself to make a decision as I am just ready to be done making it.  I think no borders and a bright red binding would be cute…BUT I don’t know if I am just saying that to get out of putting borders on.  I do have some more white fabric that used as the background print left over too.

Whatever I decide, purchasing more fabric of any kind is not an option.  I am determined to use up as much of this fabric as possible.  I make a quilt for the firemen’s benefit every year and have used this same fabric that I purchased off the clearance rack for the last three quilts….plus I made two baby quilts from it too.   I want the fabric gone.  Whatever isn’t used in borders is going to be pieced together for the backing.

Hubby made the point that just because the quilt is for the firemen’s benefit doesn’t mean that it has to have firemen related fabric in it….GOOD POINT!  Not everyone likes firemen stuff….so next year, no firemen fabric.  Before I worry about that, this quilt needs to get finished.

So what is the verdict faithful readers….border or no border and what color if you pick borders? and how wide?  (I am still thinking no border…)

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  1. My opinion is that it needs a border, and I like the black. Consider one at least the size of the sashing, or two inches more than that. It needs a frame. Red binding sounds good. It looks great.

  2. I think it needs a border. The blue really makes the red and yellow pop…in a good way. And yes the red binding would be a nice finish.

  3. I love quilts that finish with no border. This one is great, and with the checkerboard, doesn’t need any more. Red binding- perfection!

  4. If you go with no border – a red binding. (No border is my first choice)
    If you go with a border – the black one, with black binding.
    The whole thing has turned out great, and I have to confess, I had my doubts about those checkerboard sashings. Look forward to seeing how you finally finish it.

  5. No border – red binding. Simple and it allows the quilt to stand alone without having a border to allow parts of the quilt to pop out,

  6. I think it needs a border. It doesn’t have to be very wide, maybe about 4″ finished. I would go with either the black fabric that you are showing or a solid white. Actually I like the idea of white border with a black binding.

  7. I would go with no border and black or red binding. Looks great, love the checkerboard sashing even if it was a pain it was worth it.

  8. I think use the black fabric as a 4″ wide border and bind it in red. That would tone down the blk/wht checkerboard and allow your eye to move over it. Good luck and use up that fabric girl! Good job!

  9. You are so right, quilts on deadline always take longer than you expect or hope (ask me how I know, LOL!)

    My first instinct was a black binding but I liked everyone else’s idea about the red. So how much time ‘ya got?
    Little time: black or red binding and call it done.
    More time: Blue border (about half the size of the pieced blocks and a red binding–done.
    Lot of time: narrow red inner border, blue border, red or black binding–done.

    Whatever you’ll do, it already looks great so it can only get better with whatever you add!!

  10. I say blue border with blue or black binding. I think if you use the black for the border it will be just too much black and all your sashing work will disappear. Go ahead give it some color.

  11. Fantastic quilt. I think you need a place to rest your eyes. Blue border, red binding. The black border fights with the checker board.

  12. I wouldn’t use either of the fabric you have laid next to the checkerboard at all. I think that quilt is busy enough with the awesome checkerboard but I do think it needs to be ‘finished’ if that makes sense. My very first thought was to do a thin red binding to finish the quilt. I think that would look awesome against the black and white checkerboard.

  13. I say no border. Just back it with the red and that will add the great red color around the front! It looks wonderful! I agree next year do something non-fireman! LOL

  14. Quick Jo, check your first picture – on the bottom right before the turned under blue block the checkerboard pattern is out of order. Hope you caught this before adding a border or binding!

  15. I threw a copy of this cute quilt into paint and tried a red and a black binding. I liked the black. Then I said what the heck and added yellow and blue to the red and black …looked kinda cool so that might just be an idea…and help you get rid of somemore of that fabric. I go with just a binding, no border…and a multicolored one at that. LOL

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