Adventures With Rosie: Edition #1

I’ve wrote a lot about Rosie in the past.  I’ve not given her her own regular blog series though…but today, I think she earned a right to her own blog series.

Rosie has been improving all the time.  There is still plenty room to grow but she doesn’t drive me crazy all the time and with covid and the quite house, I’d be pretty lonely without her…but she still takes up a lot of my time.

Yesterday I was at the compute writing blog posts and she was being a little too much.  She was constantly ringing the bells on the door wanting to go outside.  When she was in the house she was putting her paws on my leg and jumping up.  I just wanted to finish writing the blog post so I could go upstairs and continue my “war on my sewing room”.

For about the sixth time in the last half hour she rang the bell again.  At this point I really know she does not need to go to the bathroom, she just wants to go outside because she’s bored…or she wants to smell some sniff… So for the sixth time in a half hour I let her out.  UGH.

I went back to the computer and happily started typing away.  15 minutes must have passed and there was no Rosie bothering me.  Dang.  She’s still outside.  Oh that 15 minutes of peace was so nice but oh boy…what is she up to.

I got outside and found this….

No Rosie…only a collar.

Well darn.  This was going to be interesting.  So I looked around didn’t see her.  I called her name twice and miracle or miracles, she ran right to me.  AH…she didn’t do the zoomies around me and dodge to the right or left.  She actually came right to me.  I was thrilled and so-so happy.

Then as I was going into the house…I caught an eye of this…

UGH.  She dug up the landscaping Craig and I did last year.  Oh Rosie.

Well as frustrated as I was about that, I had to reward her for coming to me when I called.  That is such a huge accomplishment for a pup.  She could have done zommies for an hour but she came right to me.  That was reward worthy even if she did tear up the landscape.

So…I gave her a dental bone.  She loves them and thinks they are the biggest treat ever.

So what does she do??  She carries it around the house strutting everywhere.  She doesn’t eat it.  She just struts and struts.  Then pretty soon she started whining.  She dug in her dog bed.  She dug on the carpet.  Rosie was trying and trying to find somewhere to hide her dental bone.  Oh my word.

She went upstairs and then down whining the whole time…then upstairs and downstairs again.  No joking, the whining and looking for a place to “bury” her dental bone went on for about 15 minutes.  That dog was totally sabotaging my plans to write a couple blog posts.  Oh my.

I decided to go and “help” her “hide” the dental bone.  So I got her to give me the bone and got a childcare blanket out.  I put the dental bone under the blanket and Rosie was just fine.

I had found an appropriate place to hide her dental bone.  Oh my word.

The whining completely stopped.  I went back to the computer and got this blog post written.  During that time, she went back to ringing the bells to go outside.  I counted and as I’m writing, she’s been in and out four more times.  It’s a wonder I get anything done.

Rosie is worse than a kid at times.  She takes so much of my time.  I’m thankful to have her but some days she makes me really wonder what I got myself into.

I told you that she gets called Rosebud and awful lot.  When she’s naughty Karl has gotten to call her Rosebutt.  Today a bit of the butt came through….oh that dog…gotta love her as there’s nothing else we can do.

Hopefully there won’t be tons more of “Adventures with Rosie” blog entries but if she’s anything like she’s been so far, we’re in for many more.

12 thoughts on “Adventures With Rosie: Edition #1”

  1. Katherine Gourley

    She is just too cute for words. Over 50 years of married life we have had 6 dogs, but one always stands out. If she saw an opening she would run for it. It was that way for the 12 years she lived. We have a almost 6 year old Wheaten now and he was born obedient and always wants to be where we are. Rosie was a very good girl to have come right to you.

  2. I just love Rosie. She is so darned cute. I have two cattle dogs and the breed tends to be high energy. So when young I started teaching them tons of tricks to help keep their minds busy. Of course, they get outside play time with their Kong toys too. But I credit the tricks which we do a few times a day as my salvation. Cora just turned 5 and Rylee is about to turn 3. Saying this because as I read Rosies antics I usually end up laughing. These two girls have their own stories. The best part is they make me laugh daily.

    Rosie stories are fun but during this unusual time, Rosie stories are sooo welcome. Thanks for your time with all of your posts. I’m sure that sentiment is echoed by many many readers.

  3. Rosie, Rosebud or even when she’s “Rosebutt”—she is just so precious!! I’m so glad that you have her. She has such beautiful Beagle markings.♥️ Puppies are a lot of work for awhile (as you well know!) but I bet by this time next year she’ll be a perfect little lady.

  4. Mary Ann Mettler

    You always have a page turner in your blogs – doesn’t look like Rosie caused too much damage :)
    Fun to hear of her adventures.

  5. Someone once told me that “a tired dog is a good dog”. I have a Labrador now that is very high energy. My toddler wears him out now (he’s 7) but pre toddler I used to take him outside and run him for a good hour a day. He loves fetch and I’d just throw his ball for him. It really gets a lot of energy out. Most dogs love chasing laser points as well. I also agree with the poster above about obedience training. Although since you mentioned Rosie came when you called I’m guessing you’ve been working with her already (as if you didn’t already have enough to do right). I’m sorry about your garden, ugh.

    P.S. Karl is so funny! I always enjoy when he hijacks the blog.

  6. Oh, Jo, your post about Rosie and her dental bone brought back such vivid memories of our dog Dusty. Whenever she had one of those dental bones it would worry her like crazy. Where should she bury it? Where was the right place? She would carry it all through the house, looking everywhere, coming to us with the most pleading look on her face as if asking for help. It was so sad, and she was really almost desperate about it, in a way she never seemed to feel about a stick or any other toy or anything she found in the yard, Only those dental bones. Eventually she decided that the safest place to “bury” her precious bones was in my shoe–naturally, my favorite shoe. She would tuck it in there, nudging it down toward the toe, and then trot off down the hall, so relieved that it was safe and hidden.
    After she died I found one of her bones in my shoe, firmly lodged in there for safe-keeping, as she had been doing for fourteen years. I picked that shoe up and put it on my bookshelf where it is a book-end now. I always took it as a sign of trust that she felt her bone was safest with me. Such a genuine compliment from one of my favorite “people”.

  7. Between tales of your Rosie and Bonnie Hunter’s Zoey Jo, I can get my puppy fix every day without the hassle of owning a puppy. You both are also good reminders to me of why, as much as I love dogs – have had one or more my whole life – now is not the best time of life for me to have one. So I just tune in for reports on the escapades of Rosie and Zoey Jo and then go back to my peaceful, uninterrupted sewing.

  8. Have you ever considered fencing in a portion of your yard? We have 6 beagles and a doggy door..we use 2×4 welded wire fencing/posts/gates…dogs can come in and out whenever they want…with a beagle you hae to watch for digging (out) but this would give her a chance to be outside and out of mischief so you can get something done inside…put some water out, something for shade and she would be good to go…

  9. Barbara Firesheets

    Love hearing about your adventures with Rosie. It reminds me of when Bud (our Basset Hound) was a puppy. Potty training was rough some days, but we made it through. She’s a beautiful girl!

  10. We had a beagle (escape artist) when I was a kid. She could get out of a simple dog collar in a few seconds. And then she would be gone for hours. Good luck, friend.

  11. Judith Fairchild

    Your Rosie’s escape brought funny /sad memories back I had a Chihuahua back years ago got her when she was four weeks old. She loved to lay beside my sewing machine when it was running.
    I could not keep her in any collar. Even the harness type she could eel out of. One day she got out of it and out of the yard and disappeared. I had had her for over a year. She was so special. I still miss her and grin at her memory when I sit down to see.

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