Adventures with Neighbor Girl

Last weekend started with a Saturday morning visit from Neighbor Girl.  She was pretty sad when she figured out that we were leaving soon and wouldn’t be home.  She wanted to hang out.

Her mood quickly changed when I asked her to help me pick out an outfit to wear.  She ran and got her tablet and showed me the home screen on it.  The home screen picture was of me.  The picture was bad though.  My eyes were closed.  She asked m e once I got my outfit on if she could take a new picture of me so she had a nicer picture.  I said sure then asked her to snap a picture with my camera too.  She did…here I am.


She immediately took her tablet and changed her home screen picture to this picture of me.  I am completely flattered by her love of me.  If she ever moves, it’s going to rough on us both.

Then I remember that I had gotten a pair of leggings for her from Kalissa….she opened them up and really liked them.  I picked out a pair that had lots of colors in them so she could easily find something that matches them.  I told her that I bought them for her as a gift for working so hard and helping me with the childcare kids.  She really is an awesome help and buying the leggings is the least I could do.

Shortly after that we had to go.  She was sad but promised she’d come on Sunday for a visit.

When we got back home there was a card on our door from her.  It was a Valentines Day card.  It was to our whole family.  Again she told me how I was the best neighbor ever.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say she was my best neighbor too.  (sorry to any of my neighbors who might be reading this)  She’s such a special girl.

Sunday she came again.  Being she was here, I decided it would be a baking and cooking day.  I can’t stop my work and spend all my time playing with her so when she’s here, she does what I’m doing, or plays on her own.

First off she wanted to know if we had eaten breakfast.  I said no, had she?  The answer was no so we tried to decide what to make.  I said we could have pancakes, waffles or French Toast.  She could pick.  She picked French Toast and ran to the freezer to grab out the French Toast.  Then I had to explain that I didn’t have that kind of French Toast and that we had to actually make it from scratch.  She wanted to know what “scratch” was and so it went.  She made the French Toast…with supervision but I let her make it.  She did an awesome job and listened wonderfully.  I had to smile.  She started out wanting to make four pieces-one for her, one for me and two for Hubby.  She ended up making 14 pieces and the three of us ate them all!

From there we decided to surprise Hubby with a Black Forest Dessert.  Recipe found here.  Here she is pouring it into the pan.

From there is was banana bread and then Muddy Buddies.  Then a tortilla bake and another Mexican hot dish that I will put in the refrigerator and will eat later this week.

We made a HUGE mess in the kitchen.

That’s about when her sister came to pick her up.  I had Muddy Buddies already packaged up for her so she took them home.  The banana bread was too hot but I had intended on sending a loaf home with her.  Oh well…my guess is that she’ll be back in a day or so.  I’ll package it up and send it with her then.

Hubby and I have gotten to really enjoy her company.  She’s not demanding at all.  She’ll do little jobs for me-most without asking.  While she was here this day she resorted and organized a few of the childcare toys for me.  At first it was hard because I used to think I had to stop and play with her.  Now she’s just another one of us.  She feeds Ruby and lets her out.  She’ll lay on the couch and will pet her.  She keeps herself busy if I have to do something she can’t be a part of like write blog posts.    It’s gotten so I treat her just like one of my own kids.

When we were eating French Toast for breakfast I said to her, you know we better start planning our garden before long.  She was surprised at that comment….looks like we have more learning adventures ahead of us.  I know one thing for sure.  Much of my garden plan is going to be based on foods she’ll eat.

That was the latest adventure with Neighbor Girl.

23 thoughts on “Adventures with Neighbor Girl”

  1. She is lucky to have you as a mentor. So many young people out there need someone who will just take a little time to listen to them. I had a very special uncle and aunt who made me feel special just by listening to me and asking about my interests. God bless you for taking time.

  2. So nice for both of you. Imagine the lifetime of memories you are creating for one lonely little girl. Teach her cooking and gardening and you open up a whole new world. She has the added bonus of having people around who are modeling good parenting and what real relationships can be.

  3. What a wonderful influence you are having on this special little girl. She will have many precious memories of the time she has spent with you! May God bless you both.

  4. Coming to your house is like going to camp….. all sorts of cool things to do!!!! I am glad the two of you found each other.

  5. I love reading your stories about this neighbor girl. This young lady will always remember you and your family and the special times you have had together.

    Take care.

  6. Allison C Bayer

    Such heart warming posts. Bring tears to my eyes and makes my heart swell with joy. Reminds me of the book I just finished reading; Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber. You are Anna Marie and your Neighbor Girl is the character Ellen. Hugs for a lovely weekend, Allison Bayer in Plano, Texas USA

  7. Such a sweet story about Neighbor Girl! Thanks for telling us. Your friendship I am sure, will help form the course of her life. And by the way, that is a neat picture of you – love your outfit! One of my fav color combos.

  8. Little Neighbor Girl is so lucky to have such a special person to mentor her. I am sure she will always remember you fondly, no matter where life takes her!

  9. How lucky for the both of you! You are showing her what it is like to have a true friend! She will always remember very thing you have done for her. You have open so many doors for her what a wonderful gift you have giving her. You are one special lady!

  10. Wonderful for both of you. Although I think from your blog you’re a great neighbor for anyone. i tried to find recipe for MUDDY BUDDIES. Didn’t see in the tab. Can you post it please-sounds intriging .

  11. This brings back such great memories for me. I was blessed to have a wonderful neighbor just like you when I was growing up. I would spend lots of time at her house “helping” and she taught me so much, just like your doing with her.

  12. Thank you for being there for this girl. She will indeed remember it always. Actually I am a little jealous and racking my brain for a similar girl I could spend time with. Maybe one of my great nieces would be interested. Have to ponder that.

  13. I love reading your posts about your relationship with your neighbor girl. It sounds like she really needs the extra attention that you so willingly give to her and you are teaching her so many things that she will carry on into her adult life and hopefully pass on to her own children. Of all the giving that you do I think this is at the top of the list and is so inspiring to me.

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