Adventures in Thrifting

With my foot surgery I was back and forth to Decorah a few times to see the doctor…for me, that means stops at the thrift store too.

Here’s my haul…fabric for fifty cents…a pincushion for a quarter, embroidery floss for $1.50 and my doll.  The doll comes with her own story.


When I was little I remember going to the thrift store with my parents.  It was an unusual day and my Dad was with.  That didn’t happen often.  My dad rarely left the farm.  On this day he did.  I was the only kid with as my older siblings were in school or working.

There was a doll at the thrift store in Owatonna.  I really wanted her….really bad.  I begged and begged.  My mom and dad relented and bought the doll for me.  Later on, she became know as “Janey”.  My original Janey went back to the thrift store when I got older.  As an adult, I regretted that choice and have LONG looked for a replacement.

Well I was at the thrift store and was in disbelief when I saw the doll.  I didn’t care how much she cost.  I was getting her.  I carried her naked self around the store finishing my shopping.  I got up to the counter and asked how much she was….  the answer….50 cents!  SCORE.  I finally found my Janey back.

Here’s a picture of my original Janey.  She’s way on the left.


My niece and nephew are with her.  She isn’t wearing her original dress here.  I’ve been to ebay trying to find her original dress.  Funny thing is…a couple years ago Hubby and I had seen the dress at an antique shop but I never bought it.  Dang I wish I had.

To make the story all more interesting.  Neighbor Girl thought the doll was creepy and actually asked me to put it away.    She told me she had a nightmare about it.  She dreamed the doll came to life and killed me.  She even woke up crying….so although I am super happy about finding Janey, she had to get put away.

I was also super happy about finding the pincushion.  I have always thought to start a pincushion collection but honestly, I never find them.


I’ll keep looking and if more come my way, I might have a collection yet.  Who knows?

On my thrifting tour I also found lots of these…Yep, shirts.

I pulled out Bonnie’s Addicted to Scraps book.  On my list is to make Moth in the Window and I want to make it with shirts so I collected some more.


While I had that book out I pulled Scraps and Shirttails II.  Well…lets just say I think a lot of cutting will be happening in the future.

I am so blessed to have my thrift stores.  People often laugh at my thrifting but I so love it.  I hate regular stores..there’s no adventure or challenge to that!

8 thoughts on “Adventures in Thrifting”

  1. Sandy A in St. Louis

    I love thriftin! Hubby and I go quite often. Today I got 4 pieces of fabric for $3. Can’t beat that!

  2. Great finds! How much do you pay for shirts? Here they are $3.50 and up. I look for the XL to XXXL to get as much fabric as I can.

  3. Love your baby doll. Guess what, the doll that is on the far right is my favorite. Ifound one in a garbage when my parents moved to San Francisco. It was covered in grease. I was 2 or 3. I cried Baby and wouldn’t leave her in there. My mom took her out and cleaned her up. She is still my favorite. My mom and I found one in a antique swap and we bought her. She stil is my favorite baby doll.

  4. Betty from Canada

    I am so jealous of your thrift store finds. I went to one of our thrift stores in Lloydminster
    Saskatchewan and the cheapest mens shirt was $8 and it was not made of really good fabric

  5. Palo and Alburnett are not too far from where I live. Used to get chicken feed ground at Alburnett Elevator and sold corn there.

  6. Love the pincushion – it looks like it is needlepoint. About the doll – isn’t it funny what some people love and others find creepy!

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