Adventures in Dog Sitting

So over the weekend Kalissa and Craig went to Minnesota to visit some of my family.  Kalissa has the best time visiting with my brother Jule, his wife Wendy and all their kids.  Their kids are all quite a bit older than Kalissa but she loves them and always feels welcome.  In order for her to go, she needed someone to take care of Betsy and that of course would be a job for me.

I don’t mind taking care of Betsy now that her barking is more under control.  Previous to her barking drove me crazy but after she got the  NO BARK Collar Citronella Spray Anti-Bark collar for Dogs Kit – Safe, Effective, and Humane Dog Barking Control collar, she’s so much better.  (If you  missed the blog post about how we got Betsy to quit barking, you can find it here.)  She doesn’t have to wear it all the time anymore.  It’s made her a much better dog.

Okay, back to the adventure in dog sitting.  Betsy came Saturday afternoon.  She was good all day.  That night I put her in the dog kennel in our room.  Betsy is used to sleeping in a kennel overnight so I thought this would be a good idea.  Ruby used to sleep overnight in a kennel but we can finally trust her in the house so she doesn’t anymore.  She usually sleeps on one of the spare beds or on the couch.  This night she chose the north bedroom.

Betsy whined a little…but after about 10 minutes she went to sleep.  At about 1:00am Ruby started whining.  She was upset because if she sleeps in the north bedroom and wakes in the night she whines.  There isn’t a lot of room for her to jump out of bed and she can’t see so she whines.  I tried ignoring her but she wouldn’t quit whining.  I got up, and ended up putting her into the kennel downstairs.  I didn’t want her back in the bed waking me up again.
I went back to sleep.  At 2 am Betsy jumped into our bed on me.  That really startled me.  I couldn’t figure out how she got out of the kennel…then I turned the light on and remember that this kennel has two doors.  She got the one we don’t use open.  I put her back in the kennel.  Then I decided to go to the bathroom.  I stepped in dog pee on the way to the bathroom.  BETSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UGH.  I cleaned up the dog pee and went back to bed.

Ruby started whining at 5:30 am and wouldn’t quit.  I got up again and let her out and fed her.  By now I couldn’t get back to sleep and was up for the day.  I went to the bathroom, came out and there on the floor was a Betsy poop.  WHAT?!  I cleaned it up.

I sewed for a bit waiting for the time to depart for church.  I got ready, hurried downstairs, got to the kitchen and stepped in dog poop.  Really Betsy?!?!  She has a terrible habit of pooping, moving five steps forward and pooping some more.  UGH.  I missed the second poop when I saw the first poop.  OH MY!!

The day went well….we were off to church, to the Castallia Firemen’s Breakfast and then quick stopped at an auction.  We didn’t stay at the auction and were soon back home.

Hubby worked in the garage and I sewed.  Supper rolled around and I made homemade pizza.  In the back is meat lovers…in the front peach dessert pizza.


Hubby and I certainly don’t need to eat two large pizzas but I typically make two.  Leftovers go for his lunch or to the childcare kids the next day.

The pizza was especially wonderful!  Both Hubby and I love my homemade pizza.

We ate half of the meatlovers and 1/4 of the dessert pizza.  It was so good.

Just as we were finished my phone rang.  It was Kalissa telling when she’d be home.  I talked to her a bit and then came out to the kitchen to clean up.  I was so impressed…I thought Hubby had put all the left over pizza away.  He came in from the garage and said what did you do with the rest of the pizza?  I said, “WHAT?  I thought you put it away!”  He said he put two pieces of eat in bags for his lunch.

That left 1/4 of the meatlovers and 1/2 of the dessert pizza unaccounted for.  That’s when we both realized….THE DOGS ATE THE PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!

Rudy never does that…Betsy regularly does.  I am sure Ruby got her fair share of it though….once she saw Betsy get it, I’m sure Ruby was right there eating too.  With that I put the dogs in the kennels…cleaned the kitchen and went to bed.

That was enough dog sitting for me.  I’m guessing there is no such thing as a “Don’t eat the food off the table collar” that I could buy for Betsy.  I love her but my goodness she can sure make trouble.  I’ll watch her for the kids again but hopefully it will be a little less eventful.

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Dog Sitting”

  1. Over the years we have had a couple of dogs who were counter surfers. If foods was left on the counter it was fair game to them . We soon learned to put everything securely away and out of reach. One of the dogs we have now was a rescue and I don’t think he was always fed regularly. He has a weight problem so I feed him lots of veggies. He will eat broccoli and cabbage cores and even cauliflower! He loves them all!

    Thanks for the pictures of Ruby with your quilts! It is such a treat to see her sitting so alert and interested.

  2. We dog sit for our kids sometimes and it seems like it takes them a few days to figure out how to act at Granny’s and pop’s place.

  3. That pizza looks so incredibly good that if I was a dog and you were out of the room, I might have gone for it too.. The wonderful smell etc would have made me want some so badly…I love dogs and I love a great dog story……You will always remember this…..

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