Adventures in Dog Fostering:: The Auggies

Oh my word…Not too long ago, someone said I didn’t tell many foster dog stories lately. Now I seem to be telling them weekly. Today is especially going to be a big story.

We are a small rescue…but mighty. For how few of us there are, we help a lot of dogs find homes. If I am not telling dog stories, in general, that means that we don’t have a lot of dogs. When I do tell stories, that means we do have a lot of dogs and I am fostering some or one. Also, I foster some of the dogs some other fosters won’t take. I always put out a blanket statement that if no one else volunteers, I’ll take the leftovers. Other people are picky about what breed they foster, not me. I’m not picky at all.

That’s why on Wednesday when I found out we were getting in four breeder release dogs, I said I would take whichever dog the coordinator needed me to take. We were supposed to be getting a bichon, a pomeranian, and two pugs. All were supposed to be in the age range of 4-6 years old.

I was open to take another foster dog as Winston and Churchill found a new home together. This is my grandson Carver with them. You’ll have to go back and read THIS BLOG POST about them if you missed their rags to riches story. They got groomed and looked awesome. You can see the pictures in the other post.

They went to their new home on Tuesday…so on Wednesday, I could get another dog.

Here are the four that came in. These are not their all prettied-up pictures. These are the intake pictures.

Beatrice the Bichon

Taylor the Pom

Ember on the left and Tootsie on the right- both pugs.

I was working at the vet clinic when the dogs came in. It was a huge scramble to get their vet work done. All four had to have dental procedures including teeth extractions and all were spayed. They are completely ready to be adopted. We don’t know much about them yet but hope to soon as they settle into their foster homes.

Thursday was my day off but I planned to go and pick up Tootsie. They had their work done late in the day so they stayed overnight to recover. Tootsie was going to be the dog I fostered. I’ve never had a pug foster before. She wasn’t my first pick but I’d do my best to help her.

NOTE: They all looked so much better after they were all cleaned up.

Thursday morning I sat down to the computer to write a blog post and this popped up on my Facebook feed from the rescue, “Picking up all eight corgi Aussie mixes today.”

That came from the coordinator of the rescue I foster dogs with. She had vaguely mentioned back at the very beginning of January that there might be some puppies in the near future. Apparently, that was now. I called her and said I could take puppies if she had someone else to take Tootsie. Again, I really didn’t care who I fostered. Everyone eventually finds a home. Then I thought, I could even go pick them up. So I volunteered and I spent my day off with eight corgi/Australian Shepherd pups. That mix is now called Auggies.

I quickly called the vet office to see if we could help with these dogs…we could. I left my house to pick up the pups with the idea that I could pick up the eight pups, drop four off at the vet, take four home with me, and then swap puppies on Friday when I went to work.

I got to the Amish farm where I picked them up and a teenage boy took me to a horse barn and showed me the pups. Yes…there were eight! He pointed out which dog was the mom as there were several dogs running around. I didn’t see the dad. Mom was a beautiful Corgi. The boy helped me load them up. He said mom had 12 puppies but four died. These were left. They tried to sell them, but no one bought any.

After we had them loaded up, I talked with him for a minute and then he asked if I wanted five heeler pups. They didn’t have homes for them either. I didn’t have kennel space for them and he said they would call if they wanted us to get them in a week or so. WHEW…but oh my!! We needed more than ever to keep all of these dogs moving. Getting them vetted quickly and out to foster homes was key.

Here are pictures of them…

These two are girls. Both have short legs and will have a corgi body type.

These were the merle color ones. All had long legs. There is one girl and two boys.

These were all similarly colored. There are two boys and one girl.

They were SO CUTE!! In total, four girls, four boys.

I took them to the vet to drop off the four. I asked if they wanted boys or girls. They said girls. Then they said, just bring them all in.

The rescue coordinator came and we took pictures, got collars put on them, and started paperwork while the vet and techs worked on getting the pups processed.

By 5pm that night, everyone was spayed or neutered, had their shots, nails trimmed, microchipped, had Heartgard and Nexguard, and are completely ready to be adopted out.

I can’t say enough good things about the vet clinic where I work. Who can do that on such short notice???

As of me writing this blog post, it looks like I’ll not be fostering Tootsie the pug but will be fostering these three…

All three are boys. So far, no names besides references to their color colors. The middle and right ones look almost identical when they are running around together. The nose coloring and size of the blaze on their heads are the real difference.

When it comes to puppies, three is a lot to foster. They generate SO MUCH POO!!

So…Hopefully either are retired breeding dogs, or these pups will go quickly. After all, we might have five more heeler pups coming our way.

I do want to note that these pups were great travelers…only one puked…and one pooed. That’s great odds. Do you remember some of the other stories I told about picking up dogs with my grandsons? Here is a link to that story if you missed it!! Good times. HA!

The pups didn’t whine we drove…it was a pleasant trip. All in all they seem to be good-natured, relaxed pups.

If you are inclined to want to help, please share this blog post in your social media spaces so more people find out about these great pups and breeding release dogs. THANKS SO MUCH!! If you would like to adopt any of the dogs, adoption fees are $300 each. You can find the application for adoption HERE on the HEART Rescue Team website.

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Dog Fostering:: The Auggies”

  1. Wonderful news about Winston and Churchill. You look like you have your hands full. The puppies are so cute. Hopefully they will get adopted soon.

  2. Like somebody above said, WOW! Such cute puppies and you are a busy foster lady. I hope they all are adopted soon. I just don’t know how you keep up with all the puppies, work, and still have any time for anything else. Keep up the good work!

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