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My two boys have had their fair share of doctors visits and hospital stays in their lifetime. Carver struggled with croup from the time he was 4 months old until he turned about 2. There would be 2 am ER visits and even an overnight stay when he was 7 months old. We’ve visited with a specialist who misdiagnosed and treated him with allergies and asthma. Carver has had a total of three sets of tubes in his ears. The last three ear infections have resulted in a ruptured eardrum with moderate hearing loss noted and residual fluid behind his ear drum even after rounds of strong antibiotics. He is well known at our clinic’s ENT practice.

We are wondering if Carver was having sinus pain and headaches. He would tell us his head hurts and his balance was off, he would cough throughout the night, constantly had a runny nose, and he was so whiny and just acted like he was overtired before the most recent surgery. He would cry and cry over the silliest things.

I had read up on sleep apnea in children and had a hunch maybe Carver was struggling with that. Most recently, our ENT suggested he get a third set of tubes with possible removal of his adenoids. I figured – it’s just adenoids – might as well take them out! And they did.

When they took them out they put him on ANOTHER two weeks of antibiotics because it appeared that carver has chronic sinus infections as well. After the surgery Carver had a really hard time waking up from anesthesia – he was crying and crying, he threw up on the way home, he wouldn’t swallow his spit, he ended up with horrible horrible smelling breath and was in the ER one morning with a fever and vomiting up drainage. Not to mention he was HORRIBLY cranky for about 10 days after surgery.

That was also right around the time dad’s cancer was progressing as well. However…

I am happy to report that we are seeing excellent results from the surgery now. He is talking more, his words are clearer, he’s sleeping better at night, his attitude has improved so so much! His nose stopped running all the time and he listens better too! Overall he is like a new kid.  The tell tale sign that this was the right thing to do was Carver regularly telling us, “Me no ears hurt.”

That’s the Carver update!

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  1. That’s wonderful news! Our son was misdiagnosed as well, and it was a pediatric nurse who suspected it was a chronic sinus infection. That was before the days of casual installation of tubes in ears and reluctance to remove tonsils and adenoid. Thank goodness! Had that surgery right away to get rid of that swollen diseased tissue and we immediately saw the same improvement that you are seeing with Carver. Now he’ll really take off with a growth spurt! So happy for him and you all!

  2. Thank goodness you persevered, Kalissa! Im so glad you found the right course of action! He’s looking good in his pictures…the little sweetie pie!

  3. Oh, this sounds like a promising development! I’m sorry this was going on at the same time as everything else, but I’m glad he’s doing better.

  4. I am glad Carver is better. It had to be tough with everything else going on. I can relate to his problems. I had similar sinus issues when I was his age.

  5. Sherry Whalen

    Those rascally adenoids (and tonsils). Our oldest son struggled with them 35 years ago and the drs. refused to remove them. He struggled so much with ear infections, continuous colds, coughs, sinus infections, hearing loss and took so many antibiotics. He still has them and I think occasionally has trouble with them. Our middle son, was having trouble all thru baby/toddlerhood and when he was 6, (about 30 years ago) sick all the time, apnea, ear infections, couldn’t eat, all of it and we then spent a couple of night in the hospital because he couldn’t breathe at all while lying down – extreme apnea, as his tonsils had cut off his airway. He came home with antibiotics again…and ended up covered in hives! Just what someone needs that already has a compromised airway. I talked to the surgeon and asked why they couldn’t be removed. Bless her – she said no reason, they can come out. He was like a new kid! He finally started growing again. It was wonderful for him. And us. So then when our youngest son was 3.5, he also had been having the same troubles. I was pretty proactive – spoke to our surgeon early and he had his tonsils/adenoids removed before he was 4. I think at least now doctors will at least discuss removal. I know it is anesthesia and surgery and not without danger….but it changed my kids lives. I don’t think either of them ever had to have antibiotics again either. Good luck with Carver’s continued good health!!

  6. Oh Kalissa, my heart breaks for you and Carver. Every time you mentioned tubes I just cringed. 35 years ago we watched our son who was only 6 months old had tubes put in. I remember his cry to this day when he was being wheeled into the operating room. I also remember the anibiodic he was on all the time. It was Ceychlore, pink and smelled good. It was 30.00 a bottle. That was a lot to us back then. He was so misdiagnosed all the time. Then he had tubes with sapphires in them. Thinking they would float open and closed??? Then ear plugs custom made, cause he wanted to learn to swim. To this day, he has trouble with his ears and hearing. It is very hard to take care of a baby when they can’t vocalize what hurts. I think Carver is so cute. He has the best smile and a little devil in his eyes. I love seeing him.

  7. Bless his little heart! Praise God that this surgery has helped! I feel your pain of mothering sick baby and toddler. Hang in there Mom! You are doing a fantastic job! HUGS… and stitches

  8. Mary Ann Mettler

    Carver looks to have his mom and grandma’s spunk – what a sweetie! Love his smile!! Glad he is feeling better.

  9. I had my adenoids out at 2 years old along with tubes and was able to regain my hearing which had been at 20%. I had to have a second set of tubes and the adenoids out (they had grown back in) again at 7 years old. My daughter was lucky and they only had to remove her adenoids and put tubes in only one time at 5yo. I am glad Carver is doing better and hope this will be a one time shot for him!

  10. Ear tubes were pretty traumatic for us too. All those rounds of antibiotics—bleh. Sorry Carver has had to go through this (and you!). Thankfully he’s turning the corner on the worst of it and can hear better! Give him a hug for all of us!

  11. Almost 40 years ago I went through the same misery with my son. Finally out with the tonsils and adenoids and after 6 weeks a new person. Only change was his voice. Never as strong or as deep.

  12. I’m going to risk a bit of unsolicited advice, because I really do care about you and your family. Find a good way to get some quality probiotics into that little fellow. Antibiotics save lives, but destroy good gut bacteria. I won’t bore you with my testimonials, but be assured, they do help in multiple ways.

  13. Sounds like great progress for Carver. He is so darned cute. So glad his ears don’t hurt now.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  14. Maxine Corimski

    Carver’s problems sounds like what I went through 70 years ago. I missed 3 months of school in 3rd grade. My mom took me to the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. They suggested that I should have my tonsils and adenoids removed. We came home and had it done locally. Since then, I haven’t been sick one day. Praise God! I’m praying that is what will be Carver’s outcome. I just love your family!!!

  15. Donna Pheneger

    So glad to hear that Carver is on the mend. So hard on a child! And for you two!
    Praying for a complete recovery

  16. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    It seems those two organs have ceased to be essential. My son also had them removed at 3 years old.

  17. Karen Stewart

    My daughter had chronic sinus and ear infections. The removed her adenoids, irrigated her sinuses and put tubes in her ears. She was like a whole new girl! Like Carter, her speech became so much clearer. She was 3 at the time and didn’t have another sinus infection until she was in college.

  18. Wonderful news, so glad that the surgery worked for him, I love his chubby cheeks and happy smiles.

  19. So happy to hear that Carver is doing well and back to his normal fun self! Thank you for being a wonderful advocate for him, Mama Bear!

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