Addition Progress….

Saturday took me back to Sioux City, South Dakota with my son for the third round of interviews for the fireman job.  It’s a LONG five hour drive…..When I left home, the addition on our house was standing….
While I was gone, this is what happened….
and when I arrived home, this is what I saw.
It is SO strange!  Our house is just an old farm house.  We don’t have very good storage at all.  The first door goes into the kitchen and the second door to our basement.  At the top of the stairs to the basement we built shelves to use as a pantry of sorts.  Well yesterday after purchasing groceries, I stood outside with the bags while I put the gorceries on the shelves.  If I want to do laundry which is in the basement, I have to go outside.  My shower is in the basement too….so you guessed it.  We have to go outside to get to the shower. 

This is all such a pain….but it’s going to get worse once they actually start building.  Then we’ll have to use the front door and go around to the basement….UGH!  It’s going to be a LONG summer.

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  1. I love reading your blog the quilts & recipes are my favorite. I live in OK but we have property in NE Iowa. I hope to retire there one day. We did an addition last summer and I will never as long as I live go through that again. Hope you have a better time with yours.

  2. Good Morning! Good luck to your son! I live in Elk Point SD and I did not realize that North Sioux City SD had a fully staffed fire station. The things you learn in morning surfing!

    There are two fabulous, fabulous quilt shops in Sioux City IA. Heart and Hand is on Hamilton Blvd. Which would be near your son’s side of town. The other is in Sgt. Bluff (near the airport) and is called MY Quilt Shop. I travel the USA regularly and I always make time to stop into local quilt shops… I am appreciative that these two high standard quilt shops are so close to me. Sioux City IA does not have a chain fabric store. Sioux Falls SD has two quilt shops….and three chain fabric stores.

    I hope you can come back to our area often when your son gets his job!

    1. I convinced my son to let me stop at Heart and Hand. It was a nice shop. Of course after 30 minutes, he was chopping at the bit and wondering how long I was going to take in the quilt shop….men.

  3. From what I can see in the pictures your farm is amazing. I always said I was dropped off at the wrong house and belonged on a farm. I love seeing what goes on there.

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