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You might remember me saying before that I’m not a big television watcher.  I am super surprised but that is changing a bit.

You might remember that I told you that I subscribed to Acorn TV.  For those of you who don’t know about it, Acorn is like Netflix.  It allows you to stream television shows.  They tout, “Stream world-class TV from Britain and Beyond”.  I really like it and believe it is well worth the $4.99 a month.  If I were here in the house by myself, I would only have Acorn and not Netflix.

It all started when I saw an add for the show “A Place to Call Home”.  It is a six season show that I VERY much enjoyed.  I enjoyed it so much that I broke the bank and got a Roku for my sewing room so I could watch.

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I’ve finished the series now and I was thrilled with how the show wrapped up the series….  I think there are over 60 episodes.  I loved every one.

I’ve gotten so I listen to fewer audio books and watch while I sew in the evening….or in the morning.

I don’t know what it is but I like British type shows so much better.  Everyone isn’t drop dead gorgeous.  Characters are flawed.  Guns aren’t so prevalent.  It general what I’ve seen I simply like so much better.  Everything isn’t so veiled in sexual innuendo either…(but I haven’t watched much comedy so I can’t say about that)

I’ve also watch Loch Ness.  It was recommended to my by a blog reader.  This had some violence but still I liked it….good murder mystery for sure.

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This was only one season so it was a quick watch.

I also watched Acceptable Risk.

This is only one season.  I liked it too.  Watching this so much reminded me or reading a book.  It was laid out just like a murder mystery.  I like how the show recapped the previous episode and then went on  with the story.  I very much liked it.

I also watched Mystery Road.

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I liked this a lot.  I love seeing the scenery and landscape of Australia where the show takes place.  I know very little about Australian history.  I can see that they too suffer with racial tensions.  This is one season.  Again it seem to me like I’m reading a book and every episode is a chapter.

For a girl who previously watched very little television, you can see that Acorn TV has really changed me.  So far, I can’t say a single bad thing about it.

If you have Acorn and have shows to recommend, please do.  I’d love some recommendations.

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  1. I enjoy Vera. She’s kind of a British female version of Colombo. Keeping Faith is also another good mystery. Lots of twists and turns right up until the final scene.

  2. We have Britbox and Acorn too. We love British shows as well where people look like people. Love Inspector Lewis which is kind of a follow on to Inspector Morse. We liked that as well but Lewis is our favorite. Also like the older Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett as Sherlock and also enjoy Poirot.

  3. Jo, we too have become big Acorn fans after a recommendation from a friend. We’ve watched the shows you mentioned and enjoyed them. Totally agree about the ones you said were like reading a mystery book. We are also big fans of Murdoch Mysteries–Acorn has 2 listed. Watch the newer one from Canada. There are 13 seasons of 11-18 episodes, so that should keep you company throughout the year while you quilt. The mysteries are interesting, not edge of your chair stuff. Sometimes that’s just what we want. As you go through the series, you come to see the characters grow, change and have relationships. Best for when you don’t want something too heavy or serious. Enjoy !
    PS Gorgeous Hunter’s Star !

  4. I like ‘A Place to Call Home’ too. It was originally on free to air tv (it’s Australian) before moving across to pay tv, so I haven’t seen all the episodes, but loved what I did see!

  5. I think the TV you haven’t liked is BAD TV.

    I watch a lot of British TV on Amazon Prime. Great acting and few plastic faces.

  6. I love watching Acorn programs and feel it’s a good value. I enjoyed watching HeartGuy and also Martin Clunes and the Islands of Australia. Made me want to pack my bags!

  7. I love a orntv and have had it for 6 years. You would probably like Murdoch Mysteries Fowler’s war, Midsomer, Pie in the Sky and Broken wood. I think I have watched most series at least once. I stream them while I sew too. I don’t usually watch tv otherwise. Unless I’m sick in bed.

  8. I love Acorn…The Heart Guy, 800 words, Murdoch(my favorite), Agatha Raisin, Rake ,Jack Irish, Keeping Faith, Acceptable Risk….

  9. Susan the Farm Quilter

    If you like British shows, Doc Martin, Keeping Up Appearances, As Time Goes By, The Vicar of Dibley are all good ones, as is Death in Paradise. I also like that the actors/actresses look normal, there is little to no swearing, little to no sexual innuendo, and other than Death in Paradise (they don’t show you the murder), no violence. Oh, and they wear clothes that actually cover their bodies.

  10. I almost forgot one of my favorites, The Good Karma Hospital. It’s about a British girl who goes to work in a small hospital in India. I can’t wait for the next season.

  11. A friend had a free trial of AcornTV for a while and liked it but I don’t know if she ever subscribed after that. We ditched DirecTV towards the end of October. Their prices just kept going up and no updates or maintenance to receivers or dish. We could do that once we got decent Internet service here in our small town. Now we have Rokus for both TVs along with subscriptions to Hulu with Live TV, Netflix and the Amazon Prime we’d had for a while. It was an adjustment for my husband but now he burns through bandwidth like nobody’s business. Have to rein him in towards the end of the billing period.

  12. Cecilia Marmouget

    My favorites on Acorn are Murdoch, Midsummer Murders, Doc Martin, ! Other British favorites not on Acorn, Father Ted, Keeping up Appearances,

  13. I love love love Acorn television. As noted above Vera is absolutely wonderful but unfortunately it is not available on Acorn, I think it is on BritBox. I love Murdoch Mysteries, I’ve several series while sewing quantities of units on Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilts. I just purchased a Roku, I’ve been watching Acorn either on the computer or on my ipad. I just started watching No Offense last night.

    And if you’re interested – of course there is an Acorn TV group on Facebook ;) .

  14. I second Brokenwood Mysteries. The first two episodes were a little dodgy but after that the actors seem to settle into their roles and the camera work got better. You might need subtitles at times!

  15. I can recommend Midsommer Murders on Acorn and if they have Father Brown, it is good too. BTW, if your library has digital books and magazine, they may have Acorn to check out free too,, I know our library system does. You check it out like you would a book and have it for a week.

  16. Janelle Wallinger

    Like you, I love Acorn television. I really enjoyed The Good Karma Hospital. I like 800 Words, Vera, Doc Martin, and A Place to Call Home. Another popular and really good Aussie series is Snowy River: The MacGregor Saga. Based off of the poem “The Man from Snowy River”, it is a lot like Little House on the Prairie, only in Australia. It used to be available on Acorn – I’m not sure now. I, too, watch/listen to far more on Acorn than I do Netflix. Oh, and their Agatha Christie stories are good – Then There Were None, and Witness for the Prosecution. Enjoy!

  17. Its thanks to you Jo that I too landed up ordering Acorn and I have watched so many great shows on it and seeing the list above from all your readers I have many more shows to watch. Thank you for all you do not in only teaching us about quilting but about life in general.

  18. SusanfromKentucky

    I’ve been watching a British TV show on Netflix called “Call the Midwife”. My sister recommended it to me and her daughter and we both love it. Not sure if it’s on your Acorn tv, but if it is, check it out.

  19. love, love love Acorn and all the shows mentioned here, another vote for Jack Irish (that guy was always involved in some trouble many time not his fault), also Janet King, modern day (with Marta Dusseldorf from APTCH) as a legal prosecutor, several seasons, also HIGHLY recommend Wild at Heart, about a British veterinarian with a blended family who goes to Africa and ends up becoming involved in a somewhat rundown game preserve, Love the characters, music, scenery, animals. Was surprised to see Hayley Mills (teen star from the original Parent Trap and other movies) join the cast in later seasons as well as her real life sister, Juliet Mills for some episodes as her character’s sister. I loved it so much when I was finished watching I started watching all over again. I think it’s maybe 6 seasons. Also enjoyed Good Karma Hospital great characters and beautiful scenery you don’t often associate with India.

  20. Oh yes! Love British television. The filming, the plot development, just everything seems so much better than American. More depth in the characters and the background music doesn’t drown out everything else like network tv. We are last of the cheapskates and we get our “Brit fix” dvd’s from the library. We live in the SELCO system (southeast library cooperative) in Minnesota and they carry so many of the current British series. One thing we do is to turn on the sub-titles and that makes it easier to sometimes understand what they are saying. I thought it was because we are getting older but I have heard my kids say they do it too.

    1. I also turn on the subtitles as some of the dialects are hard to hear and I am British HAHA. So glad I am not the only one.

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