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Kramer’s boss’ daughter came home to farm.  At first I was super surprised.  She didn’t have a farming bone in her body when she was in high school.  We didn’t ever see her at the farm.  So last fall when she decided to come home to farm, we were all surprised.

She’s done a great job and I think she’s just what the farm needed.  She’s wonderful with computers and has taken on many of the tasks that have slidden aside when things get busy.  She’s even working with the cattle and doing a great job.

She’s even got Kramer to work with the Ipad to report feed records.  Things definitely have a modern more efficient aspect since she’s come.

One of my favorite things is that she started a Facebook page.  You can find it HERE.

Here’s Hannah..home to farm.

She’s a great photographer and I love seeing the photos she posts.  I love living in town but part of me misses the farm too.  I felt more connected in a way by living there.  (For those of you who are newer, we used to live on the farm where Kramer works)

She even managed to snap a picture of Kramer.  This was before cancer.

He’s terrible at letting anyone take his picture.

I know many of you enjoyed the blog posts about the farm and miss them…so, if you want more, feel free to follow the Achen Farms Facebook page.  
While Kramer was recouping from surgery Hannah would add pictures of new calves that came in purposely so Kramer could see them.

He sure appreciated it.

Before the metastasized lung cancer to his bones,  Kramer had been out to work for a few hours on some of the days.  I, of course, worried about him a bit.  I was so happy to see this post come through of the Facebook page.  I could see he was okay and in his element.

I’m so happy for Hannah and the farm.  Like I said, she’s just what the farm needed…and from her posts, it seems like she needed the farm.  It’s a win-win for everyone!!

Kramer hasn’t been out to the farm since he broke his neck and the sad thing is….he won’t be able to work.  Seeing the Facebook posts from Hannah will mean more than ever.

6 thoughts on “Achen Farms”

  1. Seems like it such a good thing for everyone! And to see Kramer out there is a great thing – and I’m sure it does his heart good to feel like things are getting back to a kind of normal.
    My grand daughter loves cows – I’ll have to show this to her! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great story about this young female farmer. Sometimes when you leave something you find out how much it means to you. Hannah’s photography is really great to see!

  3. Wonderful! The love of farms & farming never leaves, does it ? Although I had a cousin who cried the entire time as he drove to a big town after his high school graduation. I asked him. How come?? And he answered he was so happy to leave the farm. Mercy!

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