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Thursday the guys had an appointment to pick up the tuxes, try them on and check to see how things fit.  Kelli was home at my house and we quickly began to get in reports.  One tux didn’t have a shirt with it.  Two didn’t have pocket squares.  One had a red pocket square and to top it all off, the tuxes were light grey not black.  UGH.  Being the dresses were clover and the reception decor was clover and burlap, we just didn’t think grey would look good so the tuxes went back with the expectation the right ones would arrive on Friday at noon.


As you can see from the pictures all ended well, but it wasn’t a smooth trip.

The tuxes weren’t in at noon…they weren’t in at 3 pm…the weren’t in at 4 pm.  UGH.  At 4:15 we got a call and could we hurry over and try them on.

Well they did but the results we’re all that good.  Hubby’s shirt sleeves were more like 3/4 sleeves.  Someone was missing a pocket square and Karl’s shirt only came to his belly button.


We wouldn’t know about the ring bearer’s until they were present to try them on.


Well that was bad but by the time he arrived at rehearsal, it was too late to change the order.  My little great nephew Matthew’s sizing was really bad.  He’s a short guy and typically wears a size 4…his things were a size 6.  We quickly, with the help of my sister, Matthew’s grandma, moved to plan B.  Judy went to Wal-Mart, bought sewing equipment and started altering without making a cut in the fabric.


At one point she hemmed up 9″ of pants!!  Judy is such a talent!!

Matthew was as cute as ever and no one could tell any problem.

That is the story of the tuxes…At rehearsal the minister said all that really matters is that you come to the church unmarried and leave married.  It is so true.  All the little things, like the tux problem, were just bumps in the road.

5 thoughts on “About those Tuxes”

  1. Same thing happened at my daughter’s wedding. An hour before the wedding I, the MOB, was putting a 4″ hem in one of the grooms men’s pants! ugh, indeed

  2. I’d forgotten until I read this about one of my bridesmaids backing out at the last minute and Grandma altering her rented dress the night before the wedding to fit another friend. The little problems fade with time, don’t they?

  3. I thought the pictures I had seen were very good too. Sara did a wonderful job. Thanks for the recipe, I wrote it down. Will be getting my video put to a disc tomorrow and will make copies of the day to share with you. I am also dragging yet today!

  4. At least you will have something to remember the day by. When our daughter Sara got married the ministers forgot to come up to the service and we had to go hunt them down. They were in the pastor’s office chatting away and thought the service was at a different time. They still talk about that today and the wedding coordinator makes sure now they are standing in front of the church before they let the wedding party proceed down the aisle.

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