About Those Shirts…

Sad to say, the shirt project didn’t get conquerored over my medical break.  I had so hoped they would…alas.

It wasn’t because I didn’t try….I just tried to get too many things under control..and wasn’t well enough to do as much as I’d hoped….and then there’s the little matter of buying more shirts in the middle of it all.  Yep.  I admit.  I did that.  I bought 20 more shirts than I already had.  In my defense.  Shirts were 10 cents each on two different days.  How could I say no??   I picked up a few more T-shirts too.  I still have more rugs I want to make.


I know…I know…I’m an addict.  I’m addicted to shirts.

Luckily this girl came home one day and helped me A LOT!  She volunteered.  She took off all of the buttons and all of the cuffs…and I whole bunch of collars.


We had a disastrous mess throughout the living room….


Such a mess.

Secretly I think it was Kayla’s plan to get me to sit and rest…which secretly I was happy with.  Anytime I can get help with shirt de-boning, I’ll rest.

We took this basket…everything got the cuffs, collars and buttons taken off.  I just have to finish the de-boning.  I’ve timed it out.  It now takes about 4 minutes each being we have them this far along.


I know it looks like a lot of shirts….but I’m closer.  Really I am…I just have to stay out of the store so I don’t buy any more before these are taken care of.  I think I can do that especially now that I’m back doing child care again.

I’m keeping these downstairs in the the laundry room for now.  When Hubby comes late or I’m waiting for supper to cook I’m going to cut up a few.  Slow and steady I’m going to win this race.

How are you coming??  Any closer to conquering your shirts??


5 thoughts on “About Those Shirts…”

  1. Once you’ve de-boned the shirts how do you decide to treat the fabric? Strips? 5″ or 10″ squares? I’ve got shits all deboned and it’s like im overwhelmed as to “what do I do next?”

  2. A dime a shirt? I would have bought them too, whether I needed them or not. At the
    thrift stores around here, they are at least $2 a shirt. That’s the main reason I never
    started adding them to my stash.

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