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I have been getting some questions about the thread I’ve been using on my long arm so I thought I would just answer them here on the blog rather than answer each person individually.  I always assume that if two or three people are asking other might be too.

I am not a thread snob…I am willing to try most anything.  I have had very good luck with Superior and King Tut and they were available at the local quilt shop so for the most part I stuck with them.  Then a bit ago the quilt shop didn’t have the variegated I wanted and said how about trying this…Maxi Lock Swirls Rainbow.

I questioned it as I always thought Maxi Lock thread was for sergers.  The long armer for the shop uses it occasionally so I figured if she uses it then I’d give it a try.  I used it but never quite knew if I really should be.  I really liked it but somehow if is SO much cheaper than other thread that I was unsure.  Then I read from Judy over at Patchwork Times loves Maxi Lock too (read her opinion about thread here).  That had me convinced that I just didn’t care anymore.  I liked the thread.  It doesn’t break and it holds up in the quilt.  I was using it…and now, it’s about the only thread I use.

Being I love variegated thread, I went through and purchased one of each and the rest is history.   I like variegated thread because it seems to give the quilt more movement and depth.

The flowers on this quilt in Peachy Orange Parfait.  The entire quilt has this thread.  The thread is 100% polyester and I know, some people won’t like that but honestly, I am fine with it.

The thread on this is Tye Die Punch.

I used Blueberry Cobbler on this.


I purchase the Maxi Lock solid colors too…I just like variegated the very best.  I feel like by using variegated threads, it doesn’t have to completely match.

One of my favorite solids is Khaki.  It mixes with everything.  It’s the second column, third one down.

Anyway, I have been adding links in my posts to the thread I have been using lately.  You can bet with these cones of thread being only about $5 each, and me loving the thread, this is the thread I’ll be using.  I am all about cheap and good quality.

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  1. My longarm machine loves Maxi Lock thread better than any other I’ve tried, therefore, it is my choice. I always have trouble with any other thread. The first class I took on machine quilting was taught by someone who said she always uses serger thread. I don’t know if she liked a certain brand.

  2. When we lived in KY, I quilted a lot for a lady and she used another quilter in town. I knew the other quilter only used Maxi Lock so I asked the lady for whom I quilted if she ever noticed the Maxi Lock not holding up. She told me that her grandkids used the quilts she made . . sometimes for tents or whatever kids do with quilts grandma made . . the quilts were washed a lot and they always held up just fine. That was all the proof I needed and I actually get better tension with Maxi Lock than with any other thread I use on the longarm. Glad you found it and glad it’s working for you too.

  3. Thank You Jo for this great info….your quilting is always so nice and I like to see the varigated colors.

  4. I use the MaxiLock thread for quilting a lot too. Love the varigated but have several of the solids as well. Khaki gets used a lot as does Mother Goose. My Gammill Premier loves it so I don’t see any reason not to use it.

  5. I’ve used Signature because that’s what the quilt shop I bought my longarm used. They sell Superior too but that gets pricey. I love the thread in the khaki color range, I use that a lot too. I don’t know why it goes with so many quilts but it’s my go to color. I’ll have to check out the Maxi-lock the next time I go to buying thread.

  6. Like Linda my Gammill Premier Plus likes the Maxi-Lock thread. When I use other thread, it always breaks so I am glad to know others are using the Maxi-Lock. I get mine at Hancock Fabrics. My Joann’s doesn’t sell it.

  7. Thanks for showing the varigated colorways. I’ve used this on my mid-size quilt machine with no problems. Your quilts look great with this thread.

  8. Well I have to say I have never tried maxi-lock. But I was just turned on to Metro thread. They have sales a few times a month. So. 5000 meter spool of thread is 2.40. It’s embroidery thread….all different colors. It works on my lo g arm, embroidery machine and sewing machine. Cheap, beautiful and easy to work with.


    You may want to check it out. I have an Innova…..with that I tighten the top and loosen my bobbin…runs great.

  9. I get my thread, both Maxi Lock for my serger and overlock machines and Gutermann for my regular machines, at WAWAK. Right now I can get the Gutermann spools with 1094 yards for $1.99 and the Maxi Lock is $1.79 per spool. You can’t beat the price! I stock up a couple times a year and then I don’t have to worry about running 40 miles to the nearest fabric store to get thread at higher prices, not to mention risking the store being out of stock. I sew everything from underwear to quilts to jackets and dresses, so I use a lot of thread. This is the best deal I’ve found.

  10. I had been a thread snob, using only Aurifil, so on one quilt for a friend I didn’t have the color that she wanted and I had it in serger thread so I tried it. It worked wonderfully. It did’t have the sheen that Aurifil has but Aurifil at $32 a cone and serger thread at $2.50, there is no question what I will be using.

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