About that Wedding Quilt…

Sunday I told you about Kelli wanting a double wedding ring quilt for her wedding….what I didn’t explain was a few of the problems.


The version she wants is a much smaller block and there are no templates for it.  Well there are patterns-just not templates.


I don’t know if you remember but last time making a double wedding ring I sang the praises of templates!!  No templates made me really nervous until I remembered that a gal in the area who sews said she took a pattern to the mobile glass store and they cut templates for her.

So cautiously I went to the mobile glass store and asked if they could do it.  SURE was my answer.  The templates would be ready the next day.  I fretted worried about what the cost would be.  Any guesses on the cost??


$10.64 is the right answer!!  CHEAP…way cheaper than a Accuquilt die…way cheaper than a set of templates in town.  I’ll be doing this again for sure.

The templates are clear..I didn’t pull the paper off them yet.

Now I guess I don’t have any excuses to not start sewing after all…I have until March 15th…only three months until the wedding day and no matter what, I am going to have it done on time.

13 thoughts on “About that Wedding Quilt…”

  1. fabulous idea. Are they glass or acrylic? Wondering if I could have long arm templates made like that our of 1/4″ thick acrylic. That would be way cheaper.

  2. Getting templates made to match my pattern is the ONLY reason my DWR top got completed. It languish in my UFO pile (and is still my oldest UFO at 24 years). When I finally started seriously working on it again it took me a while to figure out my problem was inaccurate cutting. Got a friend’s husband to make mine and then it flew together. So much that I’d consider making another one instead of saying NO outright. Now if I can just finish the hand quilting so I can get onto the hand binding…. I’m guessing it will be ready for our 30th anniversary (2 yrs from now) at the rate I’m going. And your are embarking on your SECOND in less than 2! Hats off to you.

  3. My husband is a glass man and has been for 30 years. He has cut me many, many templates out of plexi-glass and lexan. They have stood up to a lot of use. I have several dresden plate templates and tumbler pieces that he cut for me.

  4. Making a double wedding ring quilt is on my bucket list. I keep looking at patterns and knowing that I need to wait awhile to improve my skills before I tackle such a challenging pattern. What book are you using this time? What size are these rings? I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your trials and your progress last time and hope to hear a lot about this quilt too.

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