About that Wall Paper

Last week after pulling out the old built in cupboard in our bedroom, Hubby and I both decided we liked that old wallpaper.


I swore I would never ever have wall paper in a house that owned so wall paper is completely out of the question, besides, it’s expensive and I hate hanging it.

But stenciling isn’t expensive and I love doing it.  That got me looking at stencils.  WOW…they have improved in the last few years.  Nope…that isn’t wallpaper.  That is a stencil.

damask stencil

Feathered Damask Stencil

Elegancia Allover Stencil

Wall Stencil Damask Flora - Allover Wallpaper Pattern Stencil

I just love them and want to at least do an accent wall in my bedroom.  Our bedroom furniture is very Victorian so I think it will look good.

From there I started looking at more and more stencils and that’s when I discovered ceiling stencils.  Aren’t they wonderful??

Marie-Antoinette Ceiling Medallion Stencil

My house isn’t going to be quite that fancy but on I love them.  I really have my eye on this set.  I don’t know how big my living room needs to be to have this ceiling stencil look good.  What do you think?

Victorian Ceiling Stencil Set
Thankfully Hubby doesn’t have a problem with whatever I want to do…it’s just me, myself and I that I have to fight with in order to make a decision on what I like.  I am open for suggestions.  Do you have any??

6 thoughts on “About that Wall Paper”

  1. WOW those are a lot of improvements. When you were talking about stencils rather than wallpaper, I thought it would be easier to Wallpaper! I was going to offer to help! LOL

  2. Love the stenciling idea. Since you have victorian style for your bedroom… oh how perfect. I also think the living room and dining room ceiling would look wonderful. Don’t over think your decisions just go with them. I struggle with paint colors. I choose top three then eani meani miny mo and presto!

    Looking forward to seeing what you choose to do!

  3. I think if you stencil your walls to look like wallpaper, you might as well wallpaper, because if you do all that stenciling you will vow to never stencil again!!

  4. I love stencils and think the ones you are looking at would be beautiful. I have stencils in two rooms in my house and they are not hard to do. The best part is that they are easy to get rid of by painting over if you decide you don’t like them any longer. It is also easy to stop at any point you need to when working on them and pick right back up where you left off the next time you have time to work on them.

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