About that Barn and My Other Goodies

You all might remember that I left you in the middle of my story about the barn I bought at the vintage store in Sumner, Iowa.

I know lots of you were upset that I didn’t show pictures of the barn.  There’s a reason I didn’t do that.  You see when I bought the barn…I bought it straight out of the window.  I saw what the outside was like but I didn’t really see it up close.  I really didn’t get to touch it and feel it so the next day when I went back to get it, it was so fun seeing it all over again.

So..here is the barn…

The top folds down for… inside the barn access.

Actually, both sides fold down.  It’s super easy for little hands to get inside.

On the side, along one of the sides are stalls for the animals to stand in.  It is really well built as the barn has a floor in it.

It came with some awesome fences that I am in love with.  They are long and perfect for the barn.

Here it is all with the fences set up.  I love the side ramp for animals to get in the barn…or tractors.

There are three doors to the barn.  One on each end like this…and one at the side.  The paint colors are PERFECT for a real barn.  Oh, I just love it.

I know it’s a little weird that I’m loving this barn so much as it’s worn and in good shape for a vintage toy but not perfect.  There is a hint of blue paint on the one side of the roof but it’s all part of the history.

I think the barn speaks to my life as a farmer’s daughter and a farmer’s wife.  I have so many good memories that came from living on a farm.  All of my grandparents were farmers.  Farming is in my blood.

As our family has grown and farm life has changed, my grandchildren are slowly moving away from the agricultural lifestyle.  It’s a little sad to me.  Enough about that…

I have a huge collection of animals that the kids can use with the barn.  Over the years I have collected animals from thrift stores.  I started many years ago.  This brand, Schleich, makes expensive ones but they really do stand up to the wear and tear of many.  They have them at the farm store but at Amazon too.  All of mine are this brand and they have gone through MANY kids.

I’ve not had a kiddo come to play with it yet.  I am really excited as I know the kiddos will love it…and even if they wouldn’t, I’m fine with that because I love it.

So what else came home with me from the vintage store…this long wooden box.  I’ve been wanting something different here on the table.  This is exactly what I had in mind.

I will change it out for the seasons.  I’ll take the Christmasy things out after Christmas and add more snowman-type things…and then Valentines.

The piece is old.  I think it must have been toolbox maybe??  You can see the handle holes cut in each end.

I also bought this mini cupboard.  I have a vintage toy collection.  I added it to the toys and am using it to display some of them.  This piece was cheap…just $15.

The good news is that buying the shelf encouraged me to rearrange and dust all the toys!!  Buying the piece was good motivation for me to get the dusting done.

I also bought this little drawer with the compartments.  In the shop, she was using it as a stand to prop picture frames.  I think I will be stitching some cross-stitch-covered buttons that Lori Hold makes and putting them in here…we’ll see.

I love this style of a piece so I’m certain to find something for it if I don’t use it for the covered buttons.

The last thing I bought…the little red chair.  I’m a gal that loves all things red.  I love chairs and stools.  When I’m in vintage stores I’m always looking at them.  The kids tease me about it all of the time.

For now, the chair is here…I’m not sure if it will stay here.  We’ll see.  All I know is that I really like the chair.  It’s red and, if you don’t know by now, red is my favorite color.  So, it will always have a home here.

That was the little buying I’ve done as of late.  I’m so happy with the things I bought and the little table toppers I made.  They are just the things that have perked me up and made me smile as I’m hanging out here at the house.

25 thoughts on “About that Barn and My Other Goodies”

  1. You have some outstanding finds from your little shopping trip! I love the way you take those old boxes and find creative ways to use them. They look so good in your home . The bar is really great and I’m sure the kids will love setting it up with the animals and the fences. Q what great imaginative play!

  2. You and I are so much a like… All things old… I drive my husband crazy cause I won’t part with my old furniture. I collect Nutcrackers. He collects Snoopy – I won’t make him stop as long as he won’t get rid of my fabric… it works to a degree…Only thing I never found was a 1959 Barbie. When I was a child I’d stare in the local toy shop wishing for a Barbie…never had one…
    My first home we bought was a red barn color style cabin. It was so cute.
    God Bless you Jo

  3. I love your barn, too! I cannot imagine the little farm boys not liking it and playing with all those beautiful animals. All the other finds look so good the way you have arranged them – you have the perfect touch for creating the arrangements you put in them. You inspire me!

  4. I love the barn. I have one very much like yours that was made by my father-in law. My sons and now grandchildren like to play with it.

  5. Judith Fairchild

    What great finds you got. That barn is so well made. You really needed the barn for your animal collection. The boxes are a good choice. But for me the big winner is that little red chair. I remember going to a Sunday school as a kindergarten and sitting on a little red chair. if my memory is correct all the chairs were painted red, yellow or blue.. we gotten choose which color we wanted to sit on.. you had a great day out with Kalissa. Always a plus to have an agreeable conpanion.

  6. You got SO MANY cute things!! Red is also my favorite color and I have a couple of little red chairs. Once upon a time, I thought I’d hang a few on a wall..not yet. And I ALWAYS get a red car (I lease mine every 3 years). Love the 1/2 sq triangle runner and mat you made..PERFECT!

  7. The barn & animals will provide many hours of playtime. You felt guilty buying it but the price of lumber, I’d bet it would cost way more to have it made now. My parents had one made for our son & he’s kept it.

  8. I LOVE the barn. I would have bought it too. It is just perfect. I love all things old and ‘chipped’. Like you said it is the history of it. Congratulations on all the wonderful finds. Happy Holidays!!!!lL

  9. I love the small quilts you made, they are beautiful on your tables!! And the red barn is awesome! Your grandkids will love playing with it!!! I’m only about 45 minutes from Sumner—I have to find that shop!!! I went right to the store and bought the magazine your quilt is in-would love to make it!

  10. Good for you. You should enjoy any purchases you wish before you share them with us. Sometimes I wonder, out loud, about people. Merry Christmas.

  11. I love that little red barn and all those other great finds. I love old furniture and have an old china hutch that was my mom’s. Some of the finish is worn away, a door doesn’t quite close all the way, and one of the drawers leans backwards but I love it. It reminds me so much of my mom because it stood in her house for as long as I can remember.

    Thanks for showing us your new-found treasure. May you have a safe, joyful holiday with your lovely family.

  12. Oh, Jo, I just love “going along” on your shopping trips! And Kate is right, you have the perfect touch of showing each of your treasures to their best advantage. Thanks again for sharing your days and family adventures with us. May you have a peaceful Christmas. Prayers and blessings to all.

    PS: The Winter Solstice could be a quilter’s holiday to spend in sewing something small for oneself!

  13. You live in an area of the country where you can find these old things and they are wonderful. I, on the other hand, live in an area of Florida that has only existed for a little over 100 years. Not much to choose from and we have to depend on people moving in to get old stuff. And they probably got rid of it in Iowa before moving South. We do have a very large and nice thrift consignment place. Almost too big and too expensive. But I love living here anyway and certainly don’t need anything else to put in this house.

  14. I live in England and love hearing about all your quilting , cross stitching and family activities. I hope all goes well with things healthwise and wish you a happy christmas and all the best for next year

  15. Hi jo, wishing you the best year for 2022. prayers for your health issues .I love reading your blog its as if i know you, if i lived near i would hope we would be friends. you have a wonderful family and love all the grand kids…..decorating my home is my passion . you gave me the idea of making a red and white half square triangle table topper..Many thanks for all you share..

  16. What a great find on that barn and it appears to be well loved and played with, the grands are going to love it. The farm animals are super cute and I think I need to order some for a little guy in our neighborhood, he loves animals. I have a small collection of chairs (all are from old schools) and I hand them on the wall and use the seats to display items. Your chair is darling. I enjoyed seeing your old toys and the barrel of monkeys, what memories.

  17. Jo, I stumbled across your blog just after that HUGE windstorm that crossed the Midwest. I grew up in the NE corner of MO. A farmer’s daughter…now a Texan. I read your blog and admire all that you and your wonderful quilt-chain of people do for others. I tell all my quilting friends about you as if we’re best friends. You brighten my days. Merry Christmas to all and my prayers for your health in 2022.

  18. Love all these things, I to have a mini cabinets and doll furniture, I just love them. I enjoy all your post and love the quilts so much, I do try to make as many as posable. Merry Christmas to you and yours,

  19. Jo, Thank you for sharing your finds! It gives me such joy to “hear” how happy you are with your new vintage items, and to see the wonderful ways you incorporate them into your home so beautifully!
    Sending warm wishes for a Happy New Year!

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