A Year with Rosie

Christmas marks my year with Rosie.  We put our sweet Ruby to sleep the Sunday before Christmas in 2019 and Rosie came a day or two after.

These were the first photos I saw of her….

…and these are the first photos we have of her once she was mine.

She was a handful by the time we got her as she was already 16 weeks old.  What happened was that Rosie got ringworm on her ear and she couldn’t be sold until the ringworm healed.

By the time we got her, it was all good.  Below she is giving five to Georgia when she was a baby.

Here she is on Christmas Day of 2019.  Little did I know what I was in for.

Rosie has been the most challenging puppy I have ever been around.  Looking at Rosie’s behavior, I wonder if part of her problem was that she was taken away from the litter because of the ringworm.  They didn’t want it to spread to the other pups.  I wonder if she missed out on some socialization because of that.  She was VERY much of a biter.  She was always nipping at my hands.

Sitting down on the couch was a nightmare.  She would nip at my hands the whole time.  I spent so much time correcting her.

I remember the day Karl and I celebrated her for sitting on his lap on the couch without biting.

Buck came to visit shortly after Rosie came to my house and he quickly said, when he gets a dog, it likely won’t be a puppy.  Rosie was just too much…especially when he has kids that are little.

Over the year I’ve had Rosie to the vet a lot.  Between purchasing her, spaying, and the other vet bills, I think I spent $1500 in the first four months I had her.  Thankfully, that has all settled down.  Puppies, at least for me, are not cheap.

Rosie had so many problems with house training.  I was home all the time and still, there were so many accidents.  She has been doing wonderful lately.  I am hoping this is the new trend.

Rosie has done some good here…She gets me out walking.

The second she sees my shoes, she is all excited and wanting to go.

Do you remember the story when she overate on dog food?  Oh, Rosie.  You can read that story HERE.  Oh, she’s been a challenge.

Rosie is a bit of a terror when I’m working on a quilt.  I have to watch her so she doesn’t bit the batting.

She loves toys and anything with a squeaker is her favorite.  This little penguin that a blog reader sent had to be retired.  He had been unstuffed so many times by Rosie and sewn together by me, there was nothing left of him.  By far, to date, it was her favorite toy.

One of her best qualities…she can pose for pictures magnificently.  She’s a natural and I don’t even need treats to get her to do it.

Over the course of the year, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought in my head, “Rosie, you are not Ruby”.  Beyond being a beagle, there aren’t many other qualities that the two have that are the same.  Wait, they both thought I was their human.  Both were super attached to me.  Both prefer me over anyone.

It’s been a long year…I’ve spent so much time trying to get in a rhythm with Rosie and figuring her out.  I totally love her unconditionally but I have never had any dog test my love as much as Rosie has.

When 9 pm hits.  I sit up on the couch and she completely redeems herself for whatever nonsense she was up to during the day.

I can honestly say…she’s getting better but I’m really looking forward to a year from now when she’s two…by then more of the puppy spunk has to be gone, right??

She’s lucky she ended up with me, anyone else might have given up on her.  Not me…she’s my dog for forever, puppy and all!!  To be truthful, any other dog might have given up on me.

Here is our latest picture together from Christmas Day.

oops…there she goes, testing the unconditional love again.  She’s ringing the bell to go outside and she was out there 5 minutes ago.  There must be a squirrel trying to tempt her…and so goes life with Rosie.

19 thoughts on “A Year with Rosie”

  1. Hi Jo,
    Rosie is so adorable. Yes she is home you needed a pup with spunk to keep you on your toes and not give you time to grieve so much. It’s a long process and does take time. But Rosie has had you busy keeping up with her shenanigan’s. I bet Kramer has got a laugh or two from from Rosie. I know he doesn’t want you to be sad. So look at Rosie being Kramer’s partner in shenanigan’s to help you in your toughest year. If Rosie had been easy then you would have had more time to reflect and that’s not what Kramer would want. He wants you and the family to move forward. The grandkids are a wonderful help in keeping you on your toes. Just think this summer twins, wow now they can be a handful.
    I love your blog, your family is so close they are there for you and them grandkids will run you ragged and bedtime will be a blessing. Your life has changed but you have such a great family you will go on and have a full life. That is God’s blessing for you.
    Have a great New Year!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Patience,discipline and most of all love win the battles whether with children or puppies. Praying all continues well for you and your family.. have a great New Year..

  3. Rosie has come a long ways for sure! He is fortunate you are his human. I’m with Buck, need a dog that isn’t a puppy. He is so cute though! What a blessing for each of you!

  4. I’m with you Jo, having a dog companion is wonderful, especially after losing such a big part of your life. I have two of the. To help with my husbands loss. They fill in some of those empty spaces. And I agree, nighttime when they are ready to snuggle and look so innocent is the best.

  5. She is sure cute. Just this morning I was reading the book about Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund. You could write one about Rose. If you aren’t familiar with Crusoe google him on You Tube. He has become quite famous. We have always had dachshunds just like you have always had beagles. You get used to their quirks. Our Wally is 9 yrs old now and we got him from a Pet Welfare on Eglin AFB. He was about a year old and the friendliest happiest dog. Why someone gave him up I’ll never know but I think they had a baby. He always wants to sit with me and I so love him for it. Rosie has been a great pal for you!

  6. I just love the Rosie reports. Our last beagle sounds similar to Rosie…we said so many times if we hadn’t been the ones to own him, he would have been a rescue dog! She’s so adorable! I do hope she settles down in the next year for you!

  7. After losing our 15 yo Yorkie 2 years ago I said no more dogs and especially no puppies. I have lived vicariously with your Rosie and Bonnie Hunter’s Zoey. I gave in recently because we are home ALL the time. This is the time to get a dog if we are ever going to get one – and, of course, it is a puppy. I had been reading about controlling the nipping and chewing on us when she is in our laps. The advice is that puppies learn that the nipping and chewing is unacceptable social behavior from their littermates, so Rosie may very well have had a tougher time because she was removed. Our little lump of love is learning – Lots of work and patience, but huge rewards. She makes us laugh every day.

  8. This was a wonderful post. I always love seeing pictures of Rosie. A couple years ago I adopted an elder cat. She was so challenging that I realized nobody other than myself could stick with her. She meowed so much she could be very frustrating. I learned what the different meows meant and just dealt with the issues. She was the sweetest and most loving little creature she filled our hearts with joy. Good luck with Rosie. I pray for her good health.

  9. Sue Stringfellow

    I totally understand your frustration- we used to have a dog and I would tell him, “It’s a good thing you’re cute, because otherwise…!”

  10. She is so cute! You got through the year together! She was a big distraction for you and kept you moving forward through grief in her own way. You are bonded together in the adventure of life. Happy New Year to you and yours! You are blessed

  11. Makes me miss our beagle Rosie but she seems to be more like our first beagle Lucy. Our Rosie was a sweet little girl but we think Lucy also missed out on socialization as the breeder adopted her out at 6 weeks due to family issues. She was a challenge but we loved her dearly. It didn’t help that she followed in the footsteps of the best dog ever, our Pokey little puppy. Like you, we are committed for life once an animal comes into our home. Thanks for sharing updates about your Rosie.

  12. SusanfromKentucky

    Rosie is adorable! I’ve had my Tucker 3-1/2 years now. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without him because I get so lonely. They’re a lot of work, but their love is totally worth it!

  13. We lost our Jack 2 weeks ago…it’s still difficult to think of another puppy in the family but we will see who chooses us next. Rosie is a cutie.

  14. That Rosie is absolutely adorable. Such a poser. Best of all she has kept you on your toes and given you lots of stories to tell. It’s a mixed blessing, but nevertheless a blessing, to be a dog or cat’s human.

  15. Such a cutie! My first dog was a beagle. Just a word of caution–dogs go through the terrible twos, like toddlers do. Expect a little pushback on discipline; nothing worrisome, just testing boundaries. Sometimes it helps to review lessons–sit, stay, etc. just to reinforce who is boss (you!). I’m currently being tested by a rescue kitten, so I feel your pain! XOXO and all the best for the new year!

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