A Wool Project for Spring

I am typically quilting, not stitching….but my daughter volunteered me to make this…
It’s a little candle mat from Bareroots

Currently my two teens are participating in the play The Egg and I.  It’s about a dad having a mid-life crisis and moves his family to a chicken farm in the country.  My son is the father and daughter is the daughter. 

The cast always gets the director a present that is signed by each of the cast members.  While in an area quilt shop, Kalissa saw this pattern and squealed.  I have been working on getting Kalissa interested in quilting so I checked to see what was up.  Well it was this pattern….not because she wants to make it….because she wants ME to make it. 

I cut it out lastnight and started assembling.  Once it’s finished we are matting it in a larger picture frame.  We are having the cast sign the mat…with a deadline loaming, it looks like I’ll be stitching for a few nights.

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