A Window of Opportunity..in the Garden

Yesterday was May 16th and that is the latest it’s been for me to plant a garden.  I would have planted earlier but it has been way to wet or too cold.  Just two weeks ago we had snow.  Finally it was dry enough so the guy who tills our garden came.


The second he left, I was off to the nursery to purchase plants.  The forecast was calling for rain overnight so I was racing the clock.  Thankfully my son Karl was willing and able to help.

I had a LONG afternoon and evening of garden planting…and listening to my book on tape….and watching Ruby play outside.  She was a dirty mess!!  She would dive into the creek and then come back and roll in the garden.  UGH!  She really did have fun though.

I am so glad I finally got an opportunity to plant.  With rain chances coming up for the rest of the week, I need to grab the opportunity to plant when I had it!!  By 8 pm the veggie were planted and the annual flower plants.  The veggies weren’t watered yet and I didn’t get the annual seeds planted as Hubby called from the tractor and said I needed to come help move to a new field.  An hour later I was back to the garden only it was dark and I wasn’t able to finish.  I guess the annual flower seeds will just have to wait until in dries up again.

Today I am sore but oh so thankful that I got a little window of opportunity to get things planted.

4 thoughts on “A Window of Opportunity..in the Garden”

  1. Glad you got the veggies out before the rain. I also took a window of opportunity this past weekend when it was low pollen and very cool and breezy out (it is usually stinkin’ hot in Georgia by now) and dug up a couple of new garden patches out of our hard, heavy clay and planted things for three days in a row. Then I spent a good three days unable to raise my arms above elbow height! Argh – out of shape! Glad you had a tiller and your dirt looks SO much nicer than the red clay here!

  2. If you get the chance/time could you please explain this comment you made in this entry in more detail: “Hubby called from the tractor and said I needed to come help move to a new field.” Move what? Equipment? I love hearing about your farm life and wonder how you fit in all that you do! Oh, and I love the quilt posts from you and Kelli!

  3. Glad you got your ‘home’ crops out! Our garden always gets out late. DH won’t pay someone to till it and I can’t handle the tiller on my own, so it waits until he’s done with planting. I hear you about moving equipment. I get that call a lot too, since our fields are not close together. DH thought he didn’t need a cell phone but he sure does use it a lot-especially in the spring!

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