A Wicker Basket

Sunday I told you about my wicker couch getting finished…well today I’m telling you about the basket I did to go out with it.

The childcare kids and I spend LOTS of time outdoors…really lots.  I can’t leave part of them outside when I run and get a tissue.  I sometimes have one that isn’t interested in ride on toys or chalk and just wants some “Jo time”.  We also don’t like the front of the house to look a mess so I decided we needed some type of basket out there to hold a travel pack of tissues, the sidewalk chalk, a ball and a few books.

Being we have the porch to protect it from the elements, I wasn’t afraid of having an open basket so I started hunting….I got as far as my dining room.  We had been using this as a tote of sorts for toys.

I had Kalissa pick me up two cans of spray paint when she was in town and before I knew it…..


I had this.


A place to hide the sidewalk chalk, a travel sized pack of tissues, a few books and a ball.  There’s room for a couple other things too.  I think I am going to find it very useful.


I am really happy with how it looks and I know I am going to enjoy the functionality.  I love win-win moments and this was one.  I also love when I can tweak something I already have into something I really wanted…I am still on the look out for a chair to go with the ensemble.  I just need to be patient.

2 thoughts on “A Wicker Basket”

  1. Very nice, like what you have done. I think you need a board cut slightly larger then the basket with a few blocks on the bottom so it does not slide off; then you have a basket lid. Then you can put a drink on top.

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