A Weekend Home…

A guest post from Kayla…

I’ll start with my Jasper tax today. I got to visit home last weekend. We went up after Scotty’s party and stayed until Monday at bedtime.

On Sunday night after supper Kalissa randomly asked if we wanted to go throw rocks in the river. It sounded strange, but we all rode down and did just that. Jasper had a total blast. He was giggling uncontrollably every time a rock splashed. Kalissa’s boys loved it.

The lighting was perfect and Kalissa grabbed a great shot of the two of us.

She got last year’s Christmas card at about this time last year and I think we have this year’s card settled as well.

She does such great work.

On Monday morning Carver had camp and then swimming lessons so we met Kalissa to skate at the park. We pushed Gannon and Jasper in the big double stroller around on the sidewalk and it was a WORKOUT!

Then we noticed the skate park and headed over. Kalissa, being the ultimate boy mom, had some cars and trucks in her vehicle. We gave those to the boys who loved the ramps and stairs. Kalissa and I skated around on the smooth, smooth, cement. It was a win-win for everyone!

I left Jasper with Kalissa and headed to the thrift shop and did really well for my shop. It was so nice to browse uninterrupted!

I found lots of linens and some other goodies like these sock monkeysAnd this acrylic painting

I had a great trip home. I have worked it out that I put Jasper in his pajamas and leave at bedtime so I get to visit the WHOLE day. I’m so lucky that he is good in the car.

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since then! I have been working really hard on my online shops and did a lot of updates with my new merchandise. Mom has lots of great ideas and I’ve taken some advice to heart. My younger self would have purposely avoided advice from Mom but as I get older I’m finding it to be quite valuable.

My intent was to keep things simple with mystery listings but I ended up spending a lot of time answering questions. I took over 300 pictures on Friday afternoon and will be listing them individually. In the meantime, my mystery doilies, mystery-colored doilies, and mystery potholders have a personalization box added where you can ask for a certain color or style.

Mom pointed out that although doilies were something fun to collect, it is unlikely that someone looking for a sheet set for their home would trust a mystery. I agreed and listed a TON of vintage pillowcases individually. The full-sized mystery sheet sets and mystery twin sheets are still up but will be slowly switched over to individual listings as I find the time.

A blog reader bought a vintage linen doily and said they planned on using it for a quilt label. How cool is that? Size, shape, and color would be important for that so those are now listed individually. I also had a big pile of weird-shaped antimacassar doilies that I didn’t know what to do with but I listed them because I think they’d be perfect quilt labels.

I also listed my calendar tea towels that I had duplicate years of.

Mom showed me an Etsy shop of someone who makes popular project bags from vintage linens and encouraged me to list my runners because people might like to try making their own bags. I will be doing those slowly this week, as well as handkerchiefs.

WHEW! I hope you all like the shop update. Mom’s readers were all so nice to work with last week. You can find my Etsy shop here. I also list collectibles and miscellaneous (like those sock monkeys) on my Ebay shop.

5 thoughts on “A Weekend Home…”

  1. Darling photos of Jasper! Your sister has quite a gift for photography, Kayla. I’m SEW temped by your vintage linens! I’m on a NO BUY order, as we are moving this week. Best of luck with your new shop offerings!

  2. The Jasper tax is always appreciated. Those are really nice pictures that Kalissa took. I think that is an excellent choice for a Christmas card photo.

  3. I enjoyed your Jasper tax post. Husbands and in-laws are wonderful but ‘just family’ time is special.
    Your storage system for your Etsy/eBay offerings must be very organized to be able to find what the customer orders.
    Good for you Kayla.

  4. hello: when I get my act together, I will be sending a box to your mom. I will be putting something in for you, Kayla. I will put your name on it so no one else can “steal” it. I know how sisters can be. :-) I hope to do it this week. Now that I told someone about it I better do it. Have a great week.

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