A Weekend Birthday Party and Family FUN!

I had company at my house Friday into Saturday. I worked Monday through Wednesday. Thursday I did errands and cleaned and baked. Friday I cleaned more and started cooking more….and then the company started rolling in.

What was the to-do that I was so busy working on? We hosted a 30th(and a half) birthday party for our son, Karl.

Karl’s real 30th birthday happened back in December but anyone with a December birthday knows that your birthday either gets shoved aside for Thanksgiving (Karl’s birthday is at the beginning of the month) or gets shoved aside for Christmas. We live in Iowa so there is also the weather to contend with. So Karl opted to let us throw him a 30 1/2 party in August.

The local bar here in town let us bring food in and we set up a food table and then people could order drinks from the bar. It’s a great place. We love the owner and he has been a great friend to our family. Although it’s a bar, it’s really a restaurant too so we were able to bring the kids for the first hour or so. It worked out great.

We hired a babysitter (two actually) to be at my house and care for the grandkids so the adults could stay and visit.

My kids are such good sports and always take a picture for me together.

They took a nice one and then had to be their goofy selves.

Let to right it’s Kayla, Kalissa, Kelli, Buck, and Karl. Then they all yelled for me to join them.

They have their flaws, but they really are a good group of humans. I couldn’t be happier with the kids my husband and I raised.

We had a nice turnout for Karl’s party. Sadly, we didn’t get a picture taken until later in the night when many of the people had left.

We all had a good time and are starting to think we need to have get-togethers more often. Why wait for milestone birthdays??

My kids have always been really good about including me with their friends so even though everyone was younger than me (by far) I still had fun visiting and catching up with my kids’ friends.

We didn’t get a lot of pictures of the kids over the weekend…When I was home I was busy cooking and getting party things ready. Kalissa snapped this picture. It’s Eli and Emmett, Kelli’s twin boys who are both wearing shorts. In the middle is Anders, Kalissa, and Craig’s guy. Anders is 17 months younger than they are. He’ll be one in September and the boys will be 3 in April. Anders is really tall for his age.

My brother Jay came down for the party. He’s a good sport and takes any advantage to ride his motorcycle. He got a new one and I think it’s his first trip to my house with this one. The kids all begged for a ride. We didn’t have a motorcycle helmet but put a bike helmet on the kiddos and Jay drove them around the block.

Carver went first. He is already a big fan of his Great Uncle Jay…the motorcycle ride solidified his adoration!!

Georgia went next…she was so happy to go.

Eli went next and Emmet was enraged because he couldn’t go. He was so excited when it was finally his turn. Kelli rode with them to make sure they hung on. Thanks, Jay for providing the entertainment!! He’s a great brother. I’m lucky to have him.

Gannon was himself and wasn’t interested. This is typical of Gannon. He does his own thing.

He stayed in the house with his Titanic VHS tapes that blog reader Ila sent him. She learned that Gannon is currently obsessed with the Titanic. He watches and does everything Titanic that he can think of.

He told me he was going to do his “best smile” with the videos so Ila knew he loved them. HA!! Thanks Ila, you made his day!! You beat out a motorcycle. For a 4-year-old boy, that’s saying a lot!!

The other day he asked Kalissa for three pieces of paper and drew his rendition of the Titanic. That boy is obsessed!!

That’s the family wrap-up. It was a great weekend. I saw so many people I haven’t seen for a bit. I had fun with the family. That’s what good weekends are all about!! (Good weekends are also sitting home and doing nothing. That’s my plan for this weekend!! HA!) I think we all need a little of both.

14 thoughts on “A Weekend Birthday Party and Family FUN!”

  1. Grandma Rabbit (Pat) in AZ

    Your grandbabies are so adorable and quite their own personalities. Gannon’s smile cracks me up every time. So glad you got some fun time with your family and friends

  2. Really nice pictures, I bet the party was great. Gannon is so cute, please tell him I said he draws and colors very well.

  3. Happy Birthday to Karl, what a fun time everyone had celebrating. Gannon is a hoot and his own person. Thanks for sharing this happy event with us all.

  4. WOW . Happy birthday Buck. You looked like one of the kids in your photo.
    Gannons picture of the Titanic was quite good AND he knew it would take 3 sheets of paper to accomodate it.

  5. My son, Matthew, was obsessed with the Titanic at about the same age. He watched every movie and read every book that he could get his hands on. Even some books that were over his head a little bit. When he was in Cub Scouts, instead of a car for the Pinewood Derby, he and I made a wooden model of the Titanic. I thought it was really cool!

  6. Jane Bergstralh

    Jo—just want you to know we are thinking of you and the scan tomorrow. Hope all goes well, and please let us know. Prayers and hugs sent your way! Jane and Carol
    Ps. Gannon’s Titanic picture is amazing!

  7. What a great family get together, everyone seems to be having a good time. Love Gannon’s drawing, wish I could do as well.

  8. Love the Titanic drawing by Gannon and how much he’s into it. How did it start? A few years ago the traveling Titanic museum came to the Fort Worth museum for a few months. We went and were so impressed. I don’t know where it went to. Looks like a great birthday party !

  9. Happy half birthday to Karl!! What a great party! Your small town seems like such a wonderful place to live and you know everybody! How fun for the kiddos to get a ride on a motorcycle and your brother was such a good sport. Glad you had fun and hopefully this weekend will be a quiet one.

  10. What a great idea, having a half birthday party! Mine is also the beginning of December so you’ve given me ideas haha!
    Gannon’s picture of the Titanic is so good!

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