A Week or so in Childcare

Being an in home childcare provider is my day job.  Here’s a little peak at some of our recent adventures.

The weather here has been amazing this week.  I’ve taken the kids on walks and been in short sleeves.  I keep sweatshirts on the kiddos who ride in the stroller though…But still…absolutely amazing weather for November and we’ve been soaking it up.

Here’s the cutest little picture of the stroller kids.  In our town we have to cross the bridge to walk to Kalissa’s house or to get to the bank and post office.  One of the kids’ favorite things to do is to drag their hand along the cement sides of the bridge walls…all three little hands here are getting a little experience in texture.  I always go slow as they just love it.


Almost every day when we get ready to go out the kids beg me to take them to the bank.  The people who work at the bank are so good to my kiddos.  The oldest two kids will take my deposit into the bank because I can’t get the stroller into the bank.  Then they’ll come out with five cookies.  One for each of the kiddos.  They are spoiled.  Yes I can see them the whole time and yes they are safe.  It’s a good experience for them learning about the bank and manners.

Wednesday it was so nice that he oldest two after begging a second time got to take their coats off.  They were running and playing then started complaining about getting so sweaty.  I relented.  There will be many cold days ahead.

The Japanese Beetles still continue to be a source of amazement.


I don’t think I will ever get tired of their sense of wonder and curiosity.

While we were out and about we collected leaves and made these turkeys.  This one is a little crazy as he got eyes, a smile and dots on the side of his body for cheeks…oh the imagination on this gal!!


I forgot to tell about last week….  We made pumpkin pies from scratch.  We cooked the pumpkin and made pie crust too!  We made four pies.  Each family got one to take home.  It was so fun.

The crust wasn’t as flaky as usual because the kids all wanted to knead their dough and pie crust isn’t a fan of kneading.  It was still very edible and even tasty.

That’s the childcare round up of happenings.  These kiddos continue to bring smiles to my days….Sadly it doesn’t look like our amazing weather is staying.  We have a few chances of rain and then the temps go to mid 50’s.  I’m okay with that though.  We can still easily be outside…and me and the kids love that!

4 thoughts on “A Week or so in Childcare”

  1. My two-year-old twin grandchildren go to a daycare with lots of activities and outdoor adventures. They love it. The daycare posts all kinds of pictures of the kids taken during the day at their various activities on Facebook….and I love that. The little ones are always so serious when they sit around the table working on their art projects/crafts.

  2. Lucky you and the sun! I don’t think I’ve seen the sun here in Georgia since I got home Oct 13. Oh, well, I can work on my Michael Miller challenge and pull fabrics for the new mystery quilt.

  3. Since you had such a good time making pie, may I suggest sugar and or gingerbread cookies next? I have great recipes for either because cookie decorating was a favorite of my children. The sugar cookies offer more decorating options, so we invited friends over to help decorate those. Sprinkles, etc all over the floor was a small price to pay for the fun.

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