A Week of Workers

The childcare kids are so funny.  They keep asking me if the workers are coming each day.  I tell them yes but today was the last day.  I snapped a few pictures to show you the progress.

Once the men started pouring the concrete the kids were so busy watching.  They had watched the day before but they couldn’t really see what it was all about until the workers started on the driveway.  Then we had big fights over who was sitting where and who could or couldn’t see.


I finally pulled the kids’ chairs out to the garage and let them watch…I teased the parents and told them that I provided “live theater” for their children’s entertainment that day!


Here is what their work ended up looking like.


That is the new driveway….

and this is the new sidewalks.  They are finishing up today doing the cleaning up and cutting the lines.


Here’s the street view.


Just as a reminder…this is how the house looked back on July 31st of 2013 when we originally purchased it.  Getting the house this far was a many days of ups and downs.  It’s all documented in the blog archives starting in July of 2013 to present day.


WOW…when I look at the old pictures I can see why people thought we were crazy!!  We still have lots more to do.


It’s looking much better now and we couldn’t be happier.


We had debated a lot on how or if to angle the cement at the end of the driveway.  This was the final decision…a little angle.  There will be some rock that be put down along the edge yet.

We didn’t realize how much work there would be to do after the workers leave….see the sod along the sidewalk that we need to deal with?


You can’t tell from this angle of the picture but there’s a big drop off along the edge.  We’re going to have put some fill in…which means we’ll be seeding grass again.


I had intended on getting flowers planted along this fence but didn’t get it done.  I’m glad I didn’t as the ones I did plant are not looking the best now.


We’re happy with the decision to cement the drive.  It’s expensive but it really adds to curb appeal and there will be less mud in the house…and the childcare kids are going to LOVE driving around on it with the ride on toys…and the parents are going to love that their shoes aren’t muddy….I can’t think of a single thing bad about it except the bill!

For all the excitement the childcare kids had all week watching the cement be poured I can’t wait to see what next week is like when they can actually play on it!!

31 thoughts on “A Week of Workers”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Looks fabulous, entertained the kids all week and provides a new, wonderful space for the kids to play…a win all the way around, except for the bill!

  2. The cement looks GREAT and the house looks so completely different from when you first bought it!! Such an improvement, you live in a beautiful home.

  3. Your house looks lovely! You have made an an enormous difference in the four years you’ve been there! Yes, ther are things you feel you need to do but take a moment and enjoy what you have accomplished. Well done!

  4. The grandkids and I spend a lot of time out on our driveway riding their bikes and playing. Your day care kids will have a wonderful time too! We also put our small wading pool and water table out on super hot days. The neighborhood kids come over and join in the fun.

  5. Your place is beautiful! Bet the previous owners would be pleasantly shocked to see the changes for the better!

  6. Love the transformation on your house and driveway! The photo of the kids sitting in the garage watching just tickled me…it was so cute!

  7. Oh Jo it looks so good. The concrete gives it a finished look similar to a binding on a quilt. Huge difference from 4 years ago. You and Hubby make a great team at home improvements.

  8. Beautiful! Beautiful transformation of property & your home ~ truly amazing! Love the pic of the kids sitting in garage for better viewing!!

  9. Your home looks great! The new driveway and sidewalks give it a finished look. And, yes, the kids will love riding their toys on it. All you need is a barn quilt in that front peak on the garage.

  10. That is a lot of cement…well worth your investment. Hard work pays off.
    Your house and driveway look very nice. The kids will love it.

  11. Your house is an amazing transformation in only 4 years and the cement is awesome…goes with your awesome kitchen!

  12. Wow, what a beautiful home you’ve made. I love the cement. We finally got to blacktop our driveway a few years ago, it only took us ten years of living in our house to get to it.

  13. Jo, ya’ll have built a beautiful home together. It’s been so much fun watching the transformation! You and hubby make a good team!

  14. You and your husband have put in a lot of work and made a lot of decisions on your home. You have taken it from ordinary to beautiful. I followed along while you were remodeling your home and it reminded me when my parents built their home from ground up. It wasn’t the same, I think you had the harder job. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

  15. Looks fabulous Jo!!!! Love how the kids are all lined up to watch the workers! I bet the workmen enjoyed their company too!!!

  16. Looks very nice, you will never regret having this improvement!! Everyone will enjoy the results! Your whole house looks wonderful!!

  17. What a transformation! You’d almost not believe it was the same house. Beautiful! Chip & Joanna (Fixer Upper) got nothing on you! That driveway & sidewalk will give many hours of pleasure & chalk drawings! Enjoy.

  18. WOW! What a house transformation. I loved the old look of the house but what you have done to it is amazing. It looks like a totally different place. I love the colors and everything about it.

  19. That is definitely a WOW scenario! Your house looks amazing. I guess I wasn’t following your blog when you started this new house adventure but I’m glad to see the pictures of the final (well almost) product. Keep up the good work.

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