A Week of Childcare

Here’s a little recap of my childcare week…in few words and lots of pictures.

The fairy gardens (still not finished) continue to be a popular stop.  The girls love them.  I went online and found some plastic fairies on Amazon.  I ordered them but am still waiting for some containers. (Kelli has some she’s sharing)  I’m going to let the kids have one of their own to share and can play with.  I think they are going to love it.


We’ve had quite a few storms go through our area.  The kids spent one day at he park picking up sticks that had blown down.  They got a HUGE pile of sticks.  It was our community service project and the kids had lots of fun doing it.  As you can see it took cooperation to get those big sticks to the pile.

The kiddos made me this…I’m not really into jewelry but here’s my new ring.  It’s scotch tape and a cotton ball…a beauty right?


They also designed a quilt for me to make.  I think they are liking the “modern” style.


One of my childcare kids asked if she could make a picture for the USP man. I asked, “Do you mean the UPS man. She said yes. I asked why she wanted to give him a note. She said to thank him for the toys and stuff he brings.  I think they don’t realize that I’m actually paying for the things he delivers.  I’m now thinking who needs Santa when there’s the UPS man.

Anyway she made him this note.  The front says “UPS Ma”….there wasn’t room for the “n” to write “man”.  HA!!  Anyway, when he came she was so excited.  We were outside and she ran and go him the note.  I explained to our UPS guy that the kids think he’s cooler than Santa.  He smiled and was so cute with the kids opening his note.  It was so precious.  I wish I had videoed it.

Water has been our friend.  They’ve LOVED playing in water.  Day after day they’ve begged to play in water.  It’s such cheap entertainment…(Who needs the great things the UPS guy is bringing as long as there is water?)  For that matter, who needs a pool?

…last but not least….
Ruby had another litter of pups.

As I look back over a week I am always amazed at the cute moments that happened.

I say it time and time again.  I’m lucky to have my job.

6 thoughts on “A Week of Childcare”

  1. Ruby’s looks says, “Really, Mom? What am I supposed to do with these strange puppies?” Kids really do the cutest things…and they are so serious about it. Makes a person smile.

  2. I love the fairy gardens that you did with the children.
    And Ruby’s instant puppies, what does Ruby say about this?

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