A Wedding Quilt for Kalissa and Craig

Well ever since Craig and Kalissa got engaged in September I’ve been wondering what quilt I’d be making for them.  I have made a quilt for all of our kids when they get married and the quilt is always a quilt that they get to pick.

I had myself braced to be making another double wedding ring quilt.  I made one for Buck and Jen…..


…and I made one for Kelli and Jason.

I made this quilt for Kayla and Spencer.

(Yep-that’s Ruby as a pup!)

So what would Kalissa want…the verdict….a Perkioman Daydreams quilt.  Kelli and I have made 3 1/2 of these already….what’s another one right?

I am happy to say that we have scraps left over from the others we have sewn.  I think we’ll be short on red and yellow but have plenty of other scraps.  If I remember right, we might even have some left over strip sets that are ready to go into blocks.  I’ll have to keep my eyes open when I pack the rest of the sewing room.

Kelli was happy to hear that Kalissa wanted this quilt and readily volunteered to help.  In the past we’ve had lots of fun making them.

I am looking forward to some fun sewing even if it is a Perkioman Daydreams quilt and even if it does have a deadline.  This is a deadline that I’m happy to chase.

I’m just happy to know which quilt they picked for me to make…so watch for many more blog post in the upcoming 8 months…oh my goodness that makes it sound not so far away!!

5 thoughts on “A Wedding Quilt for Kalissa and Craig”

  1. I’m sure the quilt will be beautiful. I also have to get my daughter to pick a quilt. She is getting married the day before Kalissa on Sept 4, 2015. That is the day the venue was available and gives out of town guests time to visit with it being a long weekend. Good luck with the quilt and hope to start mine soon!

  2. I had to really push myself to finish a quilt for my daughters wedding on 12-13-14. It is pictured on my recent blog post (http://sunshine-marsha.blogspot.com/). Not as elaborate as the Perkioman Daydreams you are going to make, but it is a pretty fall themed quilt. I really enjoy hand quilting my quilts but because I was working with a deadline, it got to be a chore instead of fun. It is good you have eight months to work on one for Kalissa. That is a beautiful quilt but it looks like lots of pieces. Hope your move goes well and you get settled in to sew quickly. Have a Happy New Year!

  3. I want you to tell me that a double wedding ring quilt is easy,,, everything I have read about seems hard to me and I want to make my son and his wife one but scared to try.
    Oh I knew that was Ruby right of the bat with those eyes.

  4. If you need reds and yellows let me know. I can send some your way. I have tons. And a lot have been given to me. I am a scrap saver.

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