A Wedding Quilt for Ariel

My oldest brother’s youngest daughter is getting married today.  Yep and Friday wedding and honestly, I am in love with the idea.  We get to go out and have some fun and still have the whole weekend to do things.  Of course that means a day off for me and Hubby from work but I’m fine with that.

Over the course of the last few years I feel like I’ve gotten to know Ariel so much better and I am so thankful for that.  That did make things a little easier when putting a quilt together for her…but it made it a little harder too because we did want something she would like and be able to use.

Ariel is a natural type of beautiful and rocks a simple, natural look.  When putting together a quilt for her, I kept that in mind…a simple, natural look.  So this is the quilt….


We used lots of taupe fabrics with a muslin background.  The fabric are all very natural colored…tans, greens and blues but all real under-toned.  Wovens are mixed in too.  At first I thought it was too simple…then I wasn’t sure I liked it.

Then as I started quilting it I really started liking it….


You might remember that I took suggestions for a quilting motif.  I tried one and ended up ripping it out and opted for the most simple and basic of all.  I did used a light tan thread rather than an off white.  I think it “warms” the quilt…or perhaps “toasted” it just a bit.

Happily Kelli has agreed to write up a pattern and I hope to have that up and all ready for you tomorrow so stop back for that.


The quilt is really big….I don’t remember for sure but I think 94 x 104..or something close to that.

Ruby had the worst time trying to pose for the photo.  In every picture she’s distracted and doesn’t want to look at me.  I was afraid to turn around and see what it was as she’s off leash and I didn’t want her to take off.  The second I released her she took off….

She had to investigate the huge beetle.

Oh..and for those of you wondering how my little patch job worked….

It didn’t turn out too bad….No one will notice but me unless of course I blog about it.

Oh, one other touch…I wrote the couple’s names in the quilting.


From the Kramer house…many happy years to you both Sam and Ariel…and
Sam, thanks for keeping up the hot pursuit
Ariel, I think he was worth the wait!

P.S. Blog readers…find the free pattern here tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “A Wedding Quilt for Ariel”

  1. Oh, I really do like this one! I may not start it tomorrow, but I can see this one in my future. Maybe I’ll strip piece the squares and make one for everyone in the family. And wouldn’t it be fabulous in brights? You can vary simple quilts like this so well, (Glad it was only a beetle Ruby was interested in.)

  2. The quilt is simple ad beautiful!
    Can I tell you I always sign my own name and write the person who is going to get the quilts name in my quilting! I normally do it in the border down at the bottom where you really have to look for it, but I think it just adds such a personal touch to a quilt!!
    The one I made for my husband I also quilted our children’s names, the word faithfully (our song), the date we were married, and Honeyman (because that’s what I call him)!!

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