A Visit to The Cottage Rose

Last week I had a speaking engagement to talk to the Child Development class at Marion Independent High School about child care and my early learning printable website, Making Learning Fun.

Marion, Iowa is known for it’s antique shops so I asked hubby to come with and spend the rest of the day with me.  He did and we had lots of fun.  On our adventure, I found a new to me quilt shop, The Cottage Rose.  Oh, it’s a nice little cozy shop that are going to want to visit if you are ever this way.  I am so frustrated with myself because I forgot my camera!!  I did have my cell phone with (which is not fancy at all) so I attempted to snap a couple photos.  The problem with that is that I never use the camera, didn’t know how to save the pictures and LOST some of them as I was chatting instead of paying attention.  Anyway…  the shop was cute.

This is a modern alphabet quilt.  I’m  not a modern girl but I liked it.


Here’s another quilt I liked.   Log Cabin/Courthouse Steps are always a favorite of mine.


Here is a jelly roll quilt done with Moda’s Reunion fabric line.  The quilt is a pattern original designed by Deb, the shop owner.


This quilt is also designed by Deb…


While we were chatting, Deb shared with me that one of her designs was recently featured in Quiltmania magazine.  Of course I had to purchase a copy of that.  I love seeing local gals “making it big”.


Deb has designed many patterns and has them available on her website.   The patterns in person are so much nicer than the patterns look on the website.  I can see lots of design work in Deb’s future.

While I was there I bought two quilt books…I’ll be showing you those at a later date.  I have to finish a UFO before I can start a new project…(oh self discipline..I hate you!)

I had taken about a dozen more pictures but I didn’t save them on my phone the right way…UGH.  Trust me the shop is one you’d enjoy.  I promise when I am that way again, I will remember my camera…or hopefully by then I’ll have a smart phone and hopefully I’ll know how to use the phone AND the camera feature.

3 thoughts on “A Visit to The Cottage Rose”

  1. Oh I do enjoy seeing quilt shops ! Thank you for sharing. Wish we had something like that in our little coastal town. Thanks again for the post.

  2. What a lovely shop! I think forgetting the camera was a perfect reason to visit again. My phone doesn’t even have a camera so I’d really be in trouble. Thanks for sharing! Always nice to see another shop.

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