A Visit to the Amish…

Doing childcare I am home a lot…really a lot.  I love staying home.  It’s my favorite place to be but once in awhile it’s time to get out.  Last Saturday was my day out.  I called our daughter Kalissa to see if she wanted to go to the Amish community that lives south of us.

She said yes..  She was in need of an outing too.  It was a great trip.  We didn’t need to hurry.  We didn’t need to buy a thing.  It was a great trip.

I wish I could take picture of all we’ve seen.  It was so beautiful.  The gardens, flowers and lawns were absolutely lovely.  The Amish don’t like photography so we of course honored that by not taking any picture of them but we did snap a few of the amazing gardens.

There was not a single weed to be seen.  Doesn’t this look beautiful?
I know so many people love flower gardens…me I think vegetable gardens that look like this are even more beautiful.

At one stop grocery store that we stopped at we noticed a nearby home was a gathering place for many Amish.  They were dressed up and coming by buggy and walking from all directions.  We wondered if they might be gathering for a funeral.  They were all properly dressed.  The store owner said that no, there was a funeral that was being held on Sunday so church was being held this day.  It was very interesting to see.

Of course we stopped at the bakery…of course we purchased some of their amazing rolls.

It was not a fancy excursion at all but well needed and thoroughly enjoyed.

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