A Visit from the Kiddos

On Wednesday I got a visit from a couple of my kiddos.  I’ve missed them terribly.  It was so nice to see them.

I’ve gotten notes and messages from all of my families.  Everyone, including me, is ready to get things back to normal.

While the kiddos where here they had to check out my foot and sign my cast.  One little one kept saying “Owie.  Don’t touch”.  Yep.  She’s exactly right.  For a bit I was a little frustrated that the doctor didn’t extend my cast down a bit further to cover a bit of toes.  As is, my toes and the first bit of my foot is showing.  If I adjust the gauze the kids can see the incision along my toe.  Now I am a bit thankful for that.  I think the “grossness” is going to keep them away from being too curious about my foot.  I’m all for sharing my foot and life with the kiddos but a healthy dislike of my foot will keep my foot safe once I start childcare again.

Ruby was loved on while the kids were here.

While the kiddos were gone a package had come in the mail for the kiddos.  A blog reader had read that I planned to shop for some barrettes for the kiddos to use to play with the My Little Ponies that I have.  She had said that she had barrettes and had planned to take them to Goodwill but was wondering if I might want them.  I said yes.  We’d love the barrettes.

The barrettes came while I’ve been on break.  (THANKS SO MUCH LAURIE!!)  The kiddos found them right away and within moments of their arrival I was getting my hair fixed.


Don’t you love it?!


I was telling my family that I’m not sure how childcare is going to go.  I’m a little nervous to start again but Monday is my trial day.  Thankfully Kalissa will be here to help ease me in the first couple of days.

I am so ready to give it a try.  I miss the kids.  I miss the families and most of all I miss the normal of life.  I know it won’t be quite normal but I am anxious for any step that gets me closer to normal.

I am so blessed to have good families.  I can’t thank them all enough for being understanding about my time off.  I appreciate their checking up on me…

Keep your fingers crossed that all things work out so that childcare go well…the kiddos and I need to get back to normal.


5 thoughts on “A Visit from the Kiddos”

  1. don’t be nervous. the children will learn about so many things – and because of this they will not be put off by a person with limited mobility, for example. you’ll all be fine.

  2. Oh, Jo, such style from your little hairdressers, LOL! Cute! Little Ruby looks like a grandma in her “finery”, ha! Glad that you received a visit from your kiddos.

  3. Jo, this picture of Ruby made me smile but the picture of your glorious hairstyle has me grinning from ear to ear. Thank you for sharing those, you are the best and it shows that your kiddos love you and miss you. Hope your first few days go well and please keep those pictures coming

  4. Best of luck on Monday! I bet your day goes by fast and you’ll be really tired when it’s over. Good that Kalissa will be there to assist you!

  5. Jo, you look beautiful! I know those kiddo’s love having you back with them! We do, too!
    You take care of yourself.

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