A visit from Mika

My son, Buck,  and his girlfriend, Jen, were home Monday and brought their dog, Mika.  She is a Shiba Inu.


I had never heard of this breed of dog before I met Mika.  She is a real princess…walks proper with her tail curled over.

Part of the mission when coming home was to make Mika a bed….


Mika’s not quite as photogenic as Gracie…but here she is showing off her new bed.  I just took my HUGE bed pillow and sewed a pillow cover with an envelope opening on it.

Gracie was fine with Mika…not jumping with joy… slightly sad she had to share the attention…


Mika’s gone and she’s back to her “normal” self.

6 thoughts on “A visit from Mika”

  1. I also make dog beds from fabric scraps and batting – all my quilting friends donate them to me. So far have made over 30 to donate to the Humane Society.

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  3. mika is sure a pretty dog! there was a streamlining video online recently there was a litter of shiba inu pups. it was quite addictive to watch those playful guys. lotta energy! the pet bed is very cute.

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