A Visit from Kayla

We had a visit from Kayla this weekend.  Our whole family had been a little nervous about my test results and she wanted to be here to either celebrate the good news or be here to take in the bad news.  Thankfully the news was all good.  That made the visit so much better.

We ended up all going out to eat and I celebrated with a Bloody Mary from the Fort in Fort Atkinson.

I love them from there!!  I was the happiest girl…good news, family, drinks and supper out!!

From there it was home time and hanging out with Kayla before bed.  Hubby caught a nasty cold so he went to bed early.

The next day, Kayla and I were really wishy-washy on plans.  We thought to go thrifting…we thought to go to an auction and also thought to make pies.  The auction won out and from the auction we decided to visit the Amish and buy the pies.  Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do.  In the middle of all the shopping, Kayla got a call from her husband Spencer asking when she planned on coming.  When she said her plans he reminded her that they had company coming…Kayla had forgot so back to my house we went, got her car loaded and she was on her way home.

Hubby and I started chatting deciding what we were going to do with our days when the home phone rang.  I hate our home phone.  The only people who call it are telemarketers.  I picked it up and am so glad I did.  I was Kayla.  I could tell she was trying really hard not to cry.  She said “Mom, I’m ok.  I hit a herd of deer with my car.  I need you to help me.”  She also told me the location.

Well…panic hit me.  I ran to the garage-told Hubby then ran back into the house and grabbed my phone.  I know that often when people say they are “ok”, they often are hurt….I was worried.  Although Hubby is an EMT, I wanted him to have help in case Kayla was hurt so I called Kalissa and Craig and told them to come too.

It was about a four mile drive to where she was.  My mind kept racing…my heart too.  Was she okay?  Was she hurt?  She needed me and I wasn’t there.

As we got close, we could see a dead deer on one side of the road and injured deer in the other ditch.  It looked like it probably would be a bad accident if two deer were taken out.

We pulled into the yard where Kayla was…she was standing- THANK GOD!  I knew if she was standing she was likely OK.  She was standing by the car on the phone.  She was calling 911 to report the accident.  I could over hear as she was talking.  The dispatcher was debating on sending an ambulance and I said no.  We had arrived on scene and she was fine.  They did send a deputy though as we would need a police report.

Kalissa and Craig pulled in shortly behind us.  Craig ended up going with Hubby to clear the dead deer off the road.

We accessed her car.




The car was not able to be driven.  The driver’s door is not able to closed.  I’m guessing bumper, headlight, front quarter panel, and door at least…possibly hood and roof too…maybe back door.  It’s one of those things they might total it…it might be just fine.  UGH.

We are so incredibly thankful that she is okay.

From here we contacted Spencer and let him know that I was going to drive Kayla home and if he could start the insurance and towing process with the car, that would be great.

Kayla and I gave Hubby a ride back home, grabbed a pop and started the trip to her house.  It’s a two hour drive and we were able to talk all the way there…..

As I am writing this she just called me to see if I had made it home safely….I had.  Hubby, what a guy, even had take out pizza here for me when I pulled in.  She was happy that I made it home…and boy, oh boy, am I ever happy that she made it home safely too.  Cars can be fixed…people, not quite as easily.

16 thoughts on “A Visit from Kayla”

  1. I’m so glad Kayla is ok. She’s the reason I read your blog. I read something she wrote long ago on Dollar Stretcher about making lunches when she was in college. I read her blog for awhile and then found yours through hers. She has had a bunch of blogs and I have trouble keeping up with her so I follow yours. Your family has so many ups and downs but your blog is so authentic compared to others which only mention the good things. Thanks for keeping it real and may God Bless your family!

  2. Wow, those phone calls are the worse, glad she is doing okay. What an eventful day your whole family had, glad it ended well.

  3. So glad Kayala is ok after what could easily have been a very bad accident! That’s another celebration for your weekend!

  4. Sydney Holmwood

    Glad Kayla is OK ! Had one of those phone calls at work from my daughter who had flipped her car over less than 5 miles from home. She ,too, was OK but the car was totaled.

  5. Glad Kayla’s okay. You’re right about people being harder to fix. My sister just got her hip replaced due to an accident we were in 27 years ago. (Black ice, broken hip, etc.)

  6. Here in northern Wisconsin someone in our family hits a deer almost yearly-this year my son-in-law(twice). The first time was with our daughter and their three month old son in the car and yes she called and I had a moment of prayer. Thankfully all were safe and the vehicle totaled. As mothers we are always the one they turn to and we are their “port in a storm”. Cars can be replaced but our children are priceless as we are reminded in times like this.

  7. Thank the dear Lord that Kayla was not injured and that you had such good news from your doctors. I have hit a deer before and know what damage it can cause.

  8. How scary for Kayla – and how scary for you to get the phone call. Glad everyone is okay (except the deer).

  9. Glad Kayla is okay. A number of years ago hubby and I were out of town – actually 1/2 way across the country when we got a similar call, but the DEER had hit the car our youngest daughter was driving. As it goes in small towns, the city police, country sheriff and state troopers all came to see what was going on. Plenty of damage to the car but no injury to human, in fact I think the deer even ran away. Not the way to spend a holiday weekend.
    Glad you also had good news for your health.

  10. Happy to hear Kayla is OK and that you had the start of a fun visit with her. I have a similar attitude about cars & gadgets, they can be fixed or replaced, people can’t. Glad to hear your good news also. Stay healthy.

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