A Visit from Kayla and Jasper

Kayla and Jasper were at my house for a visit over the weekend.  It had been a bit since I’d seen Jasper.  Remember I couldn’t see the kids while I was having my Radioactive Iodine treatment?  Well it was all that time since I’ve seen him… and before then as the kids didn’t want me to even get a cold so stayed away in December, then in February, Jasper and Kayla got Covid again.

Finally, I was clear to see him and what a treat!!

Sadly I was so busy visiting that I forgot to take many pictures.  Being Jasper hadn’t seen me for a bit, he wasn’t all over me.  That’s totally okay.  I think I’m the grandma that will be known for having all the cousins anyway.

Speaking of cousins, Carver and Gannon came over so they could get some Jasper time.  It was so nice.  Jasper just got old enough that he can play with them now and it’s fun to watch.

On Saturday after Jasper went to sleep, Kayla pulled out her cross-stitch and asked if today was the day we are going to start.  Remember I told you that Kayla caught the cross-stitch bug…did she ever.  BIG TIME!

The piece she wanted to stitch is Consider the Lillies by Beth Twist of Heartstring Samplery.  I had everything here to start too so we decided to start.  This is a really big chart.  The biggest I’ve ever attempted.

Kayla hasn’t stitched on linen for the most part but she went right to 40 count…she wanted it to look like the things I stitch and that’s the count I use.  She is a real trooper.  I love her attitude.

I needed to get my floss together.  I had it all…just not in bags as like and not of a ring.

Here I am working on that…

Kayla was lucky in that I have many of the gadgets one can try.  Here she’s using my hoop…and my 4.0 reading glasses.  You can find a hoop HERE and the reading glasses HERE.

I was pleasantly surprised that she is really loving cross-stitch!!  She said she wants to go to the retreat this summer.  WHOOT-WHOOT!!  I have a convert.

While Jasper was napping, I got my floss sorted and stitched this far.  I can tell the border isn’t going to be my favorite.  I just need to get in a rhythm with it and I’m sure it will get better.

We ordered pizza for super and Kayla was kind enough to go get it.  Jasper wasn’t thrilled she was gone but before long I had him playing peek-a-boo and it was all better.

A few tractors sweetened him up too.  He loves tractors and construction toys.  Happily, I have both.

He is a cute little ham-ball.

We had a lot of fun!

Jasper didn’t sleep the best overnight.  I think it was a strange house situation.

Kayla and I stitched in the morning in between other things.

Jasper ended up falling asleep on her lap white she was stitching.  Silly boy.

This is how far Kayla got!!  Isn’t it cute?  She decided to put some basting stitches in to give her a little grid to work from.  Some stitchers do that…I haven’t.

They ended up leaving at lunchtime.  Me, I sat back down in the chair and stitched a bit longer.  I ended up this far along.

I can already see that this will be like my floral motif sampler…addicting!!

Each little motif that gets stitched feels like a little victory.  I just love it.

If anyone wants to stitch along with us, jump right in.  I don’t think Kayla or I will be fast stitchers.  Me, I have other projects going to and Kayla works plus has Jasper so she likely won’t be stitching too fast either.  Kayla called The Stitchery Nook and they put her kit together.  I’m sure they’d put one together for you too!

I had a great time with Kayla and Jasper…it was fun when Kalissa’s family and Karl came for big family supper on Saturday night.  I’m a little frustrated with myself that I forgot to take pictures.  It’s so good to be getting back in the swing of things and more in the family mode.

18 thoughts on “A Visit from Kayla and Jasper”

  1. So nice to be able to sit and stitch with Kayla and Jasper (tho I’m sure he didn’t stitch at all) ;-) but having them around was a great big lift of your spirits.
    Your new project is going to be beautiful! Thanks for letting us “stitch” along with you vicariously!
    Love and prayers

  2. How nice to have a stitching buddy! I was noticing in the pictures how much Kayla looks like you—I had to look twice at a couple of the pictures. I think it’s wonderful that you get to see your kids and grandkids so much. You have great kids.

  3. What fun you two were having and I love the bee hive on the stitchery. Japser has gotten big and looks so sweet playing with his farm toys.

  4. Sounds like a fun visit! Sometimes it’s just nice to be in the moment and not worry about pictures! I know you love that you and Kayla can share cross stitching together. I don’t have a daughter and I sometimes wish I had someone to share my love of quilting and cross stitch with.

  5. Love the pictures of Jasper! What a cutie pie! I’m so happy you are once again able to see your family and enjoy normal life together.

  6. How fun for you! Sounds like a good visit with Jasper and Kayla. She is such a pretty gal You made quit a bit of progress on the stitching. So pretty!

  7. How nice you have a stitching buddy!! Kayla really got far! Looks like she didn’t have any trouble with the linen. How nice to see grandkids again!

  8. Your weekend looks so wonderful. Family and stitching, doesn’t get much better. Little bit jealous here, I have 4 daughters and none of them share my love of quilting or stitching. Maybe someday, a girl can dream!

  9. I was thinking too that you look well and happy. Jasper is a cutie. Kayla is so pretty. I’m glad you are able to get together with your kids and grandkids again. It does help to have a buddy. My sister and I are both making Ruby Jubilee. She’s much faster than I am, but it keeps me on task.

  10. I haven’t been able to post a comment for ages. Casper is so cute! All your grandchildren are! That is a huge project, but you are a fast stitcher!

  11. I have been looking at cross stitch samplers. My husband has collected old ones over the years. I know he would be thrilled if I made one. I checked at the link you gave for Consider the Lilies and it says the sampler is no longer available. I will have to find something else. I like that you mentioned it’s nice to have little specific things to stitch (like a flower, bee hive etc) so you get a sense of accomplishment each time one is finished. I am like Kayla in that I want to start with the 40 count linen. And what is the specific linen that you prefer? Seems you had trouble with one of them. I think there’s a specific weave (?) and color/dye that you prefer. It’s so beautiful!

    1. Hi Sally.
      I’m sure if you contact The Stitchery Nook, they will get Consider the Lillies for you. It’s one they often carry. Just call the shop number and they can set you up. (641) 732-5329
      I really like Vintage Country Mocha for linen. I also like Picture this Plus linen but it’s really hard to find. I do not like Weeks or Weichert linen. Weichert is thin and Weeks has too much drape to it.

  12. Jo, I love seeing your cross stitch, and it’s so great that Kayla caught the bug. You’re so lucky that you have at least one kid with each of your interests! I have a random question that maybe you can answer. I love fabric, and although I don’t sew much I like to buy it. I keep thinking I’m going to try a quilt one of these days. So far, I just look at it or use it for cross stitch finishing. When a line comes out that I fall in love with, I think I should get it while it’s still available. If I have no plans for the fabric, what is the “best” thing to buy – fat quarters? Layer cakes? Charm packs? Yardage? I appreciate your advice on this. Toni

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