A Visit from Connie…and Dan

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I hadn’t seen Connie in quite a while.  For those of you who don’t know, Connie is a blog reader, turned friend.  She lives in Minnesota about 2 1/2 hours from me.

Connie has been to my house to sew a couple times and we’ve met in Rochester and been to a couple retreats together.  I always have a great time with Connie.  She’s so much fun…and to my kids they’ve even adopted her as “Aunt Connie”.

I got something for Christmas for Connie and mailed to her when I was mailing off a slew of boxes….Connie got something for me to, but she decided to deliver it.   We tried and tried to figure out a day.  What stinks is that I work (oh why does work get in the way of everything??)..and the weekends Connie is either with Dave or at a retreat…or at a show selling her goodies.  It’s so hard to find a time.

Connie messaged me and said how about I just come during the week…and she did.  Dave, Connie’s son came along….of course, Connie was baring gifts and goodies.  I had childcare happening so I was all out of sorts and completely forgot about taking a picture…AH!!!  I’m so mad at myself.  I love all the things that Connie brought but more important, I love Connie.  So I’m left with pictures of the things…no picture of Connie.  AH.  Soon I hope!!  Soon.

Connie made me this for my birthday….She knows me so well…RED!!  And what a girl!  She doesn’t like red yet still made this in my favorite colors!!

Check out the cute, cute button.  Connie always knows the right touches to make projects extra special.

She got me a Christmas present too.  Wonderful dish cloths, scrubbies and a hot pad that she made….all coordinating and nice, which I am already using (Honest Connie).  She had to “gently remind” me that these were for using and not for good.  I listened.

She also got me this for fun!!!  Did you know they made Cream of Bacon soup??  Who knew?  Why did it take so long?

I said it would be perfect for green bean casserole.  YES!  I can’t wait to give it a try.

There were other goodies for me and some for me to distribute….

There were gift bags for my kiddos from “Aunt Connie”….

Books, paper and stickers for the childcare kiddos….and doll patterns for me.  When I’ve been cleaning the sewing room I’ve tried to convince myself to get rid of my old doll pattern collection but I just can’t.  Now Connie has added to it.  See?

This one I squealed over.  It’s one that my dolls’ clothes were made from.  Mom and my sister Judy made most of these for me and I think I still have one or two.  Oh my LOVE!!!  I wish I could find a nice doll this size and make them for my house.  Seriously….these were my favorite.  I had the pink gingham dress in green gingham.  I loved playing dolls.  Let’s be honest, I still do!!

I started in sorting.  There was a LOT!

I started a pile for a Quilt of Valor group….a group in Illinois….and a group in Cresco.  There was a lot.

Bull’s Eye blocks…. (did you see that Mary at Country Threads is doing a Bull’s Eye quilt along now?)

A partial project.  I think this could be cut in two, add borders and have two baby quilts….it’s all florals and cute.
FUN string blocks.  I love the triangles and other things running through them.

A couple butterfly blocks….

…and MORE!!
There were flannel scraps too!!
The goodies were wonderful but visiting with Connie (and her son Dan) was the best.  Oh, I sure do hope that we can connect up again soon.  I need a good girl’s weekend.  Hopefully we can find a time or day.

…and next time Connie….picture first so we don’t forget!!!


A couple days after this Connie made her way back to Iowa.  She put in a shirt order with my gal that I ordered shirts from.  Connie has been selling shirts among other thing at quilt retreats and such.

Here’s one of her latest shirts.  LOVE!!  She’s ordered other designs which I saw and liked all. She also did a couple “junk or antique” shirts which are super cute.  This one was my favorite all things considered.  I love shirt color and liked the saying.

She got a new mint colored one…oh my, so many to choose from.   She’s working on getting a online spot up and going that she can sell shirts from.  She’s also got a collection of Featherweights she plans on selling.  Keep your eyes posted for that!!  It’s sure to be great.

Before she left I said, “WE HAVE TO GET A PICTURE”!!!  So we did….Carver’s painted face and all!!
I tried to decide which picture to pick.  Carver looks the worst in this one but Connie and I look the best.  He’s so cute in all the other pictures I’ve posted so Connie and I won out!!

After Connie got home she messaged me to say she made it and she sent me a picture and message that said I got a new baby.

In her travels home she found and bought a Singer 222.  WOW.  Isn’t it cute??  What a lucky girl.

How fun it is for me to have such a sweet friend!!  Oh Connie, you’re the best!!

4 thoughts on “A Visit from Connie…and Dan”

  1. Jo, you have so many wonderful friends! My grandma always said “If you want a friend, be a friend!” Shows you are a true friend to others. Isn’t it funny how we can pick up where we left off with true friends even though we don’t see them as often as we’d like? I like that!

  2. And, WOW, a FREE ARM featherweight! What a find! She is so luck to have a friend like you, too. Someone who appreciates the same things, and someone she can share this delightful find with! Cherish friends like this forever!

  3. Great post and fun visit for sure. Will you alert us through your blog when Connie sells some of her machines? Or does she have a blog?

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