A Vintage Christmas Gift

I am not one to have lots of decor in our house.  My walls are mostly filled with quilted wall hangings…my shelves and tables are pretty bare.  I rarely buy things at gift shops.  I do have a weakness though..antique chicken items.

I had two egg scales.  Both I purchased from my Aunt Agnes auction.  At some point, she used both of them.

I have seen ones similar to this in antique stores but they typically don’t say “Owatonna, Minnesota” on them.

When I was a kid, my parents had one like this down in the basement.

For Christmas, Kayla and Spencer bought this one for me.  I had never seen one like it before.

On the front it says “Acme Egg Grading Scale, St. Paul, Minnesota”.

It was a wonderful gift and something that I can definitely find room for in our home.

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6 thoughts on “A Vintage Christmas Gift”

  1. What a great Christmas gift for you. I purchased an antique piano stool for my husband this year. We have been looking for one in “our” price range for a few years. I found it on craigslist from a lady that lives about five minutes from the house!

  2. OK, tell me that I am not crazy, and eggs today are smaller than they used to be! I realize you do not buy store eggs, but it sure seems that the extra large are the same as what large used to be!

  3. You have some great vintage scales. I love seeing the eggs on them. I have a vintage scale, but it is nothing like yours., I paid too much for it many years ago. Just a dust catcher now.

  4. I totally love your scale—I would love one…….I always use extra large eggs for recipes-the large eggs seem so small from what I grew up with–I lived on a farm as a child—-I agree with Carmen……what do you use Jo?????

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