A VERY Happy Surprise

Blogging has been a wonderful adventure for me.  Believe it or not in real life I am not very outgoing.  I’m a homebody and honestly don’t have a big collection of friends.  As I get older and the kids get older, most of my “social” time is taken up by them.  I’m completely fine with that.  It’s the way I am and our kids have grown into adults that I want as friends too.  I love that our relationship has turned into that…don’t get me wrong though.  I still pull my “mom trump card” now and then and let them know I’m still mom.  Happily that rarely happens.

People find it hard to believe that I’m not outgoing after all I share LOTS here on the blog.  I can get up in front of people and give presentations…but outgoing socially in person, that’s not me.  That leaves me with LOTS of people who I know in my life but not lots of close friends.

Since blogging I’ve more and more people in my life that I do consider friends.  Often at night my phone will ding alerting me to a message and Hubby will say “who are you talking to”?  It will be a person who started out as a blog reader but has now become my friend….It’s strange.  Some I haven’t even met in person….Some I see once a year if I’m lucky.  I think this has been one of the biggest blessings I’ve gotten from blogging.

Anyway, on Friday I was doing childcare and the dogs started barking alerting me that someone was here.  I looked out the window and saw Mary Jo.

I’ve told you about Mary Jo before…she works at the hospital library in Lacrosse.  When we had been to the clinic last week we had stopped to say hi but were told that Mary Jo wasn’t in and was on vacation.  I was sad that I missed her but happy she was enjoying some free time.

Imagine my surprise that she was here at my house!  I had my four year old childcare kids snap a picture of us….  Both of the pictures she took were a little fuzzy…but oh well.  I have a picture to document the memory.


Of course she came baring gifts…a Bundt cake tester for me.  (I love it!) Also was a precious bear ABC panel..baked goodies and bubbles for the kiddos.  The kids immediately grabbed cookies.It was so fun to get to see her.

I asked her what brought her my way and she said she was on a road trip.  Honestly, I want to go on one of them with her sometime.  She goes on the best ones.  She had read that I loved Lou Ann’s Quilt Garden and Retreat in Oelwein and was going on a road trip to check it out for herself.  Oh FUN!!

Sadly I was working so her visit was short.  I was definitely appreciated and more that that it made my day!

Thanks so much for the visit Mary Jo…It was so nice of you and I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciated it.  I’ll be in Lacrosse on the 12th and hope to see you at the library!!

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  1. Hi Jo, Enjoyed the pic of you and Mary Jo, she looks like a sister. I love your blog and enjoy it every day, think of you with all your health issues and enjoy you sharing your fun family. Thank you for being you, you are a talented and caring person who I enjoy in my life!, I have written a couple of times before, I am a quilter and live on our dairy and cattle ranch in northern ca! Wish you the best – Marlene

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