Another UFO Finished!

Over the weekend, I was sewing like crazy…and I accomplished a lot…. but did I finish much?….NO.
I did however find a baby sized quilt top that I put together a couple years ago with leftovers from my son’s graduation quilt.  It’s been sitting there on the self all this time  just waiting to be quilted, but now here it is all finished and ready to be given away.


I had completely forgotten about it until I saw this blog entry from over at Fat Cat Quilts announcing a new Snow Ball Quilt Along.  It shows the quilt that I made for my son’s graduation….isn’t it beautiful.  That was one of the fastest quilts I have ever put together.  My daughter Kayla was home from college so she spent the day ironing for me and I just sewed.  We got the top together in about a day and half!  I had a great time with Kayla AND I got a quilt top finished.  His quilt was the first real quilt I quilted with my Grand Quilter.  Oh, have ever learned a lot about the machine since then!  I absolutely love it now…then, I was ready to give it away.

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