A Two Person Job!

Somethings a person can do by themselves…and some things, no doubt, are a two person job.  Clipping Kelli’s beagle’s nails is definitely a two person job!


It takes one to hold Puppycat down, and one to run the Dremel.   We always use a Dremel tool when clipping the dog’s nails.  I am just not good with a clipper and I am always worrying that I am going to clip to far.  The Dremel grinds the nail away making is almost impossible to grind too far.  It works just the same as the “petty paws”….

Puppycat has gotten better at this.  The first time Kelli and I did this, Puppycat left scars on Kelli’s arm.  This time, she wore long sleeves and long pants just in case.

I haven’t had to do our beagle, Gracie’s as her nails grind down themselves from walking on the road but now that we are walking more in the field, I think Gracie is going to have to go under the Dremel too.

7 thoughts on “A Two Person Job!”

  1. Have you considered giving her a treat for each nail? Liverwurst licked from the “holder’s” fingers may keep her happily occupied while you Dremel. If you do this, do it one nail at a time, take a break, and go for the second nail. Sometimes the back nails are easier because the dog can’t see what’s happening, especially if he’s licking squeeze cheese or something from your fingers.

  2. Someone has got to invent an easier, less scary, and safer way to do this job. I hate to do it as I’m always afraid that I am going to hurt my babies.. and they don’t much care for it either except that they know they will get a treat afterwards.

  3. puppycat looks like he is barely tolerating this… oh the things they must endure… haha. i don’t clip ivy’s nails because she walks around outside on the concrete patio and still digs a lot (much to my hubby’s dismay). i hate clipping the dogs nails because i’m afraid i’ll hurt them.

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