A Two Dog Tale

I’ve been doing a lot of dog sitting for Betsy, our daughter Kalissa’s beagle.  Kalissa has clinicals for nursing and leaves at 6:30 in the morning and isn’t home until 4:30 at the earliest.  It’s just too long for a dog to be in the kennel on a day to day basis so I’ve been pulling dog sitting duty.  For the most part I don’t mind and Ruby doesn’t mind either.  We’ve learned a lot from the first day to present day.  One of the things I’ve learned…we need to keep a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs.

Betsy and Ruby had gone upstairs one day, started rough housing and running around through a piece of batting that was loaded on the quilt machine and made a bunch of holes in it.  I was ticked until I realized that the quilt was small and that I wouldn’t need to use that area where the holes were.  But it did teach me a lesson.  The two of them can’t be upstairs without me.

From then on…there is ALWAYS a gate up when Betsy is here.

Yesterday I came downstairs and forgot to put the gate up.  I didn’t realize it and started going about my day.  At 8:10am I was already at the sewing machine happily sewing away.  Ruby came in and looked at me-then sat and gave me a stare down.  I just ignored her figuring she was wanting more food.  I ended up going out to the kitchen to get my water bottle.

Ruby followed me out to the kitchen and sat near the stairs.  She looked at me, looked at the gate and then looked upstairs.  She did it again.  She looked at me, looked at the gate and then looked upstairs.  That’s when I realized that Betsy wasn’t around and the gate wasn’t up.

I called Betsy and she came running from upstairs.  I had forgotten to put the gate up and here was Ruby telling me about my mistake and “tattling” on Betsy for going upstairs.  What a hoot!!

What a smart dog Ruby is!  I just couldn’t believe it.  I’m starting to wonder who is doing more of the dog sitting- me or Ruby!!

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  1. Having more than one dog is like having a bunch of toddlers in the house! I have had the experience of one dog ‘tattling’ on another – it’s pretty funny once you figure out what’s going on! Have fun with the girls.

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