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Okay the cat is out of the bag…I did start a new blog and no, I didn’t tell anyone here on this blog about it.  I wasn’t hiding it.  I just didn’t think anyone here would be really interested..maybe I was wrong.

Making Learning Fun

As some of you long time readers know, my real job is managing and updating my free early learning printables website, Making Learning Fun.  I started that back in 2006.  The site is filled with education printables and ideas that child care providers, preschool and kindergarten teachers as well as homeschoolers, librarian, parents and you can download and use for free.  I have lots of book extension ideas there.  For example if you read the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle to your kids, you can find a wealthy of ideas that go with the book from coloring pages to learning to read activities there.  There are gobs of things there.

I started the other blog, Making Learning Fun:  The Blog,  as an extension of that website.  So often people would ask me about teaching ideas, advice on raising kids, and other kid related questions but I had no forum where I could answer those questions.  That blog is my forum for that.  Right now, I just post once or twice a week there.  Today’s post is about teaching honesty to children….the post before that was about reading to kids no matter their age.  Lots of entries tell little stories or tid bits about raising our kids and how that impacted my philosophy on education kids.

Feel free to go on over and check it out.  It’s been lots of fun for me to write.

6 thoughts on “A Two Blog Girl”

  1. And your “secret” is an amazing resource for preschool teachers! You are incredibly generous with your time and expertise, both quilty and teacherly. :)

  2. Great new blog and thanks so much for posting about it. I agree with your philosophy on teaching by example and have done the same with my kids including the explaining the reasons behind it.

  3. Wow, I didn’t realize that was you! I have used this site before with my daughter, who helps in a preschool class, to get printables and ideas for things when she has the lesson! Neat-o!

  4. How nice are you? I am a Kindergarten teacher and a quilter. I love both of your blogs! Thanks for all your free resources! We use them all the time!

  5. Fantastic! I teach Kindergarten, and am a frequent visitor to Making Learning Fun. I’m glad you let us know about your “alter ego”.

  6. Well you stinker! I could have used you back in the day! However, we just hired a new family on the ranch and they want to homeschool.They have a 9 yr old and a 5 yr old. I am excited that they are homeschooling and about sharing your blog with them! I loved pulling this kind of stuff together when we homeschooled. Hopping over there to take a peek. I am a huge fan of reading to a child from day 1. I give every baby a book and I am known as the book aunt.

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