A Treat from Kayla

I’ve told you all before that my grandparents on my dad’s side came to the United States from Sweden in the early 1900s.  My dad loved his Swedish heritage.  When he went to church he often talked Swedish to another churchgoer who could speak.  He would often say a phrase like, ” “jag alskar dig”…I love you in Swedish.

Even though Dad was a country music fan, he really Abba’s music because they were from Sweden.  If there was something Swedish, Dad often supported it.

Our family had a tradition of going to the Minnesota State Fair.  Dad enjoyed going and mom was happy to go.  Going to the fair was one of the very few times my dad left the farm.  I can honestly say that he might only leave ten times in a year.  Mom did the errands and Dad stayed home.  You can see that the state fair was a treat.

As a teen, we went and there was always a vendor booth there and everything in the booth was Swedish-made or Swedish-themed.  If we went to the booth, Dad would always let me get something.  About that time, Bastad clogs were popular in my high school, and Dad, who didn’t care about fashion at all but loved all things Swedish, let me get a pair even though they were far more expensive than he would normally allow.

I loved them.  I loved them a lot.  I wore them often and was so happy I “fit in” and was able to have shoes that were considered “in”.  The next year at the fair I was able to get another pair…and the next year another.  It got to be a bit of a tradition.  Dad did wise up and I did have to start paying for part of the cost of them.

I’ve talked about the clogs often to Kayla.  I just loved them.  The clogs are now known as Troentorp clogs…same clogs just a different name.

A few weeks ago I got a call from Kayla.  She said, “Mom, I want to get you a present.  I want to buy you a nice pair of shoes…something you wouldn’t normally buy yourself.  I was going to try to surprise you but I decided that I’d ask you instead to try to avoid returning the shoes.  Is there a kind of shoe that you’d like but would never buy yourself?”

Immediately I said, “Troentorp clogs”.

So with her on her phone and me on my phone, we searched the internet together and I picked out a pair of shoes.  Last week they came in the mail…

I was so excited.  I hoped I would still love them like I used to.  I’ve almost bought them so many times…then didn’t as they are over $100 a pair.  I’m kind of cheap that way.

So, do you want to see the style I picked??  These…I love Mary Jane style shoes.  I always have.

I asked one of the childcare kids to take my picture with them so I could send it to Kayla…This is the picture she took.

I tried to take a better picture.

So what do I think??  Do I love them?  I do like them a lot.  I do have to say that they will take a bit to get used to again.  I’ve moved to wearing all shoes that are super flexible with soft bottoms.  These clogs have wooden bottoms and don’t flex.  It’s just different.  Not bad.  Just different.  I picked the dark brown color as they would be great with jeans which is what I primarily wear.  I had to tease Kayla and tell her I’m not used to heels.  They aren’t really heels…just wedges.

My high school self is squealing!!  My adult self is pretty darn happy to have a pair of Troentorp clogs back in my possession.

Before I go…as long as I’m telling you about my dad.  Every time we got new shoes as a kid, he sang this song:  “New pair of shoes, new pairs of shoes, da-da-da-da ha cha cha.  Jingle, jangle jing a jong a jangle HA-Cha!”  It’s a tradition I’ve carried on with my kids.  I ended up singing the song, recorded it, and sent it to our family messenger group.

The kids all laughed at me.  I’m putting it here so you can see our silly family tradition too.

Does anyone know where the song might have come from?  Has anyone heard anything like it before??  I’d love to know more about it or if it was just something my dad made up.

Anyway…that’s the story of my clogs.  I’m loving them and can’t wait to go out so I can wear them.

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  1. Susan Schlegel

    Dansko clogs for me; the foot bed is a little more forgiving than the wooden bottom. But Swedish clogs forever!

  2. I had wooden clogs from Sweden when I was in high school. We bought them in Door County WI, an area with much Swedish influence. I lived in those clogs for many years.

  3. Kelly pearsall

    I was the queen of Basraad clogs back in the 70s. My grandma was from Sweden, so they were not only the coolest shoes around…they were Swedish! There was only one store within 100 miles of my teeny Western NY town. I had a part time job and as soon as I saved enough, I think around $40 at the time, I would shuffle off to Buffalo and grab a pair. When I went away to college I started the trend there. Whenever I went home I would have money from my friends to supply them. Still have many of my originals, plus a dozen more. Love them so much

  4. Diana in Des Moines

    When I was in high school, there was an international store at Merle Hay Mall. I used to buy my swedish clogs there. I only wore clogs and I LOVED THEM!!! Mind you, this was the 70’s and even then, they were a bit pricey. So happy for you, you have a very thoughtful daughter. Enjoy!!

  5. Thank you for sharing Jo. This so reminds me of my teenager years. I wanted a pair so badly but my folks could not afford them but maybe now I will buy myself a pair. Enjoy your new shoes.

  6. Thank you for sharing Jo. This so reminds me of my teenager years. I wanted a pair so badly but my folks could not afford them but maybe now I will buy myself a pair. Enjoy your new shoes.

  7. I had a pair of red clogs as a teen. I think I must have been somewhat noisy because I loved the sound they made on our brick-tiled floors. I was banned from wearing them in the house. enjoy yours!

  8. Jo, those clogs are fabulous! They look great on you. I’m so happy for you that you got them. I haven’t heard of that little jingle before but what a fun tradition to keep up! What a great story, too, about your dad and the story of the shoes.

  9. This brought back memories. In the 80s – probably when you were in high school – I bought a pair of clogs because they were the rage at the time. I love them. My sister came from Iowa to visit (in Rochester, MN) and she went and bought a pair just like mine. I still have mine, just won’t part with them. I would even wear them to work once in a great while in very recent years. How fun for you to get some new clogs. I do hope you enjoy them!

  10. I’ve never heard of these shoes before. They definitely weren’t the thing in our city, but I did see them on some students at the medical school where I worked. Maybe only a few girls wore them. It’s funny how different clothing take off. I’m a Birkenstock fan, or used to be. I wear Croc sandals now, not the big chunky kind. Heaven on my feet. I never heard of your song before but I’m thinking your Dad made it up. Sweet!

  11. Karen Hamilton

    I had a few pairs of the Bastad clogs too, back in the day. I loved them! They were so comfortable. I don’t know if i could get used to the non-flexable sole now Your new ones are really cute. What a nice gift!

  12. I had a pair of the clogs too…….back in the 70s. Paid for them with my babysitting money (50 cents/hour). I think mine were the white leather with tiny holes all over. Another shoe I coveted was the Kork Ease wedge sandal with the criss-cross straps over the toes. I never got them in the 70s, but still coveted them as an adult. I finally bought a pair recently. I love them, but now that I am in my 60s the “high” wedge is too inflexible for me. I have to be very careful when I wear them.

  13. Enjoy your new shoes! I need to get myself a pair! The last pair I had lasted many, many years. And …. I did not recognize the shoe song so it is not a Swedish thing!

  14. Oh my gosh, Jo, I LIVED in my Bastad clogs during my college years!! I walked everywhere in those wood-bottomed clogs. I wore out several pairs. Now I couldn’t wear them, I don’t think, BUT I just bought myself a pair of Propet brand Mary Jane type sandals that I just got from Amazon yesterday and I was prancing around my kitchen with them and a happy heart. So I smiled right along with your post today. Enjoy your new shoes!

  15. Sue in Colorado

    I love your Dad’s jingle. I hope you will put it on Facebook so one can find it easily when they need a smile. I, too, wore clogs in the 70’s

  16. I still have a couple of pair of clogs in my closet that I used to wear (not that brand and no wooden soles) but no longer wear them as I’ve moved on to Skechers and Clarks!! More comfy and low, soft soles. Yours are very pretty!!

  17. Loved going to the Minnesota State Fair as a child and spending the day with our family. I have owned clogs and Minnetonka Moccasins bought at the fair. Your song is a cute jingle and what a nice memory of your dad. Cute clogs and wonderful gift.

  18. Judith Fairchild

    What great memories of your Dad. I had clogswhen i was in my 20’s I couldn’t wear them to work because of the ki d of work I did. But anywhere else oh yes!. Y the way the way those wooden soles are shaped they should help your feet. Getting used to them should be easy. Com me pale green :)

  19. I never had the clogs, but I loved my Dr. Scholls with the single strap and wooden sole. I recently splurged on Birkenstocks and they are so comfy. Very reminiscent of the Dr. Scholls. Maybe I’ll do clogs for cooler weather….

  20. more views of your beautiful clogs, please. are the bottoms natural color or stained ?? Only time I owned a pair someone wanted some so badly and could not ever in a million years afford them I was persuaded to pass them on. probably on the pretense they were making too much noise in our home.

  21. I wear clogs almost every day to work. It’s an office so they need to look nice. I’m going to try this brand, cute styles! Thanks

  22. Fun post. I had several pair of clogs from a store in Wi I believe. When I went to visit my sis in IA, would often go down towards WI to a store that sold them – had to have them. I haven’t had any for years now. I wonder if I could get used to them again…
    I used to wear one pair for yard work even. Puts that shovel right into the earth. Love the little video of the new shoe song.

  23. Memories, memories…. I had a pair of clogs back in the 1970s. I graduated from high school in 1971 and college in 1974. At this point in time I have no idea where I bought them. My hometown of Sheboygan, Wisconsin is/was very German. I went to the University of Wisconsin Stout in Menomonie, Wisconsin. I used to go to the cities on weekends just for something different. Maybe I bought them here. I recall others on my dorm floor wearing the wooden clogs. After college graduation I moved to Los Angeles for a couple years. While there, I often rode the bus to and from work doing transfers as needed. One night there was an “incident” and our bus was stopped and surrounded by police and police cars. I happened to be wearing my clogs that day. They had started to come off when I was exiting the bus (mind you, “hands above the head”) and the police officer reminded me of that as I attempted to straighten them on my foot. We all got off the bus. There was a mom with two young boys. We were next to each other and I had one of the boys stand in front of me and one I front of her as we lined up in front of a store front. As it turns out, someone had been robbed at gunpoint – the “robber” got on our bus, then exited the bus before we were stopped. It was quite the experience. Whenever I think of my old clogs, I think of that incident. I moved back to the Midwest after a couple years out there. Now, I’m happy to call Minnesota my home and live in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis. As my family moved away from Sheboygan (about seven hours from where I live now) where I grew up, I don’t get back there but do keep in touch with a few friends there.

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