A Tour of Country Threads the Needle Craft Version

Here’s the last day of the Country Threads Quilt Shop in Garner tour.  If you missed the other tours, check out day one here and day two here.
Country Threads is not only know for their awesome patterns and quilts but they are also know as one of the best places to punch needle goodies.  Have you punch needled before?  I have and really enjoy it.  It’s a great take along project and who doesn’t need a take along project especially over the summer.  Here’s a sampling….

This one is one of my favorites….


Isn’t this so cute attached to this little shovel??


I have done a couple project but didn’t know how to finish or display them.  See this little wood paddle this one is attached to?


They sell them in several different sizes and shades of color.    There is no limit to what the gals have attached the projects to.  This picture isn’t the best but check out how they attached the piece to the back of this antique step stool.


The ladies were so helpful…they answered LOTS of questions.


Here’s another unique stool the project was attached to.


They also have these cute boxes customers can purchase and attach pieces to.


Isn’t this little bag a cutie?


Here’s one attached to a basket.  You know I love a chicken…


Here’s another one attached to a basket.


I had a couple questions.  How do I attach a project to an object….answer hot glue gun.  REALLY!?!  Yep they said.  They if a person wants to remove it heat the glue with a blow dryer and it will release.  WOW!!


Another question…how do I prep my project to attach it?  Take a glue stick and rub it over the back and let it dry…then the threads won’t pull out.


She said most of the projects in the shop have been antiqued with a spray….I meant to purchase some and forgot.


See what I mean about Country Threads being sample heaven?!?!


I just love samples and friendly service.


The ladies even showed me a product that allows a stitcher to stitch the designs onto fabric.


This photo isn’t the best but I love the design….


The camera really glared with this one but I love the frame it’s in…


This last one…it’s one I’m going to get when I return to the shop in July.


I have a couple punch needle things here that need to be mounted and need to be finished up.  It was great to go to the shop and get some advice and even confidence on moving forward with the projects.  After visiting, I pulled out my box and am punching again.  It’s such a great TV watching project.  This is just half of their display….honestly, there’s more I didn’t even get pictures of.


Helpful advice…great products…well worth the trip to Country Threads.

3 thoughts on “A Tour of Country Threads the Needle Craft Version”

  1. Wow! What great ideas! I haven’t punch needled yet, but it is “on the list” & this makes me feel inspired to make cute things with the finished punch needle. Thanks!

  2. What’s the product for attaching it to stitching? My mom punch-needles and wants me to sew her squares together into a quilt. I’m a little nervous about doing that!

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