A tired puppy….

Gracie loves getting visits from my kids’ dogs.  She likes Buck and Jen’s dog Mika…


and she likes Kelli and Jason’s dog, Puppycat.


But after a few hours of rough housing and playing, she prefers the comfort of a box of recycled shirts….


I think Gracie and I are so well matched….we like running, horsing around and playing with the younger dogs, but we enjoy the week days with a little down time too.


Don’t worry Gracie, I’ll let you rest all week long, so you save up some energy for the weekend when it’s back to running and sewing and playing and laughing and goofing around with our visitors…

4 thoughts on “A tired puppy….”

  1. Gracie is just the most adorable puppy (I know she is a dog to most but I think they are all puppies). Such a poser for photos. My dogs run when they see the camera. Thanks for including Gracie in your posts.

  2. Such a sweet little doggy face. I always get such a kick out of the way she always gets into the quilt pictures…a real photo hound.

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